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Houston middle school teacher does lap dance on boy's lap for his 15th birthday

Felicia Smith, 42, a teacher who lap danced on a male student for his 15th birthday in the classroom
Felicia Smith, 42, a teacher who lap danced on a male student for his 15th birthday in the classroom
ABC screenshot

Felicia Smith, a middle school teacher in Texas, has been charged by authorities after performing a full-on lap dance on a boy. The incident reportedly happened on Feb. 26 at Stoval Middle School in Houston, Texas. The teacher gave the boy the lap dance for his birthday as he turned 15 years old, according to a Yahoo! News report on Saturday. The lap dance was performed in front of an entire class.

Authorities interviewed the student – who remains anonymous. The student said that Smith had seductively placed a school chair in front of the entire class after the tardy bell for the day had sounded. That’s when, said the boy, music began to play. It wasn’t sure where the music had come from. Following the start of the music, a number of students in the class had yelled loudly that the boy who was celebrating a birthday should take a seat in the chair at the front of the class.

According to the New York Daily News, following the invitation to sit in the chair, the boy took the seat and things continued on from there. The teacher, who is reportedly 42 years old, then gave the boy a hands-on rub down all over his body. In lap dancing style, she also got down on her knees in front of the boy sitting in the chair and stuck her head between the boy’s legs.

The boy didn’t tell investigators whether or not he enjoyed the lap dancing teacher’s performance. However, for some reason he found it necessary to say that he joined into the performance somewhat by slapping teacher Smith’s behind a couple of times during the performance. The incident only lasted the duration of the recorded music was playing – no longer, about three-and-a-half minutes.

Videos of the lap dance were turned over to authorities. The authorities are with the Harris Country district attorney's office and the Aldine, Texas police department. The videos revealed that Smith acted out a lap dance like someone who knew what she was doing - even though she was said to have fallen a couple of times while trying to do the acrobatics of the lap dance.

Policemen’s questioning of the teacher revealed that she did the lap dance after being encouraged to do so by the students in the classroom. Also, she admitted that she had some trouble performing a lap dance. She admitted falling down a couple of times during the dance. The event ended with Smith grabbing the boy and giving him a hug.

Now, Smith faces one criminal charge which is improper relationship with a student. She was set free on $30,000 bond. The local school district asserts that Smith is now removed from the campus during the investigation – and she will not be returning until the investigation has been completed. It is also not known as to whether she will be paid during her time away from the classroom.

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