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Houston Improv Festival brought a ton of laughs

Photo courtesy of Houston Improv Festival, used with permission
Photo courtesy of Houston Improv Festival, used with permission
Photo courtesy of Houston Improv Festival, used with permission

The 3rd annual Houston Improv Festival ran from April 24-26, 2014. The festival was a success bringing in local favorites and others from around the nation. It highlighted some of the most unique talent in the improv world as well as allowed workshops on Saturday for those looking to perfect their craft.

As the live performances closed on Saturday night at 10 pm, there were three amazing acts that took the stage The Laser Improv Show, The Epilogue HD and Adrian and Adrien. Each one of these performances were unique and hilarious in their own very differing ways.

The Laser Improv Show opened the night, which combined creativity, improv and lasers to get the crowd laughing. Chris Fair is the creative mastermind behind this distinctive style of improv and gets the technology from his brother's laser reactive, clothing company, Via Twitter, Fair explains, “Been drawing since I was 3. Started comedy 10 years ago. Laser comedy started 3 yrs. ago. It all lined up.” He performs weekly in Chicago as he perfects his craft to improve not only his art but also his comedy. Should you be lucky enough to see him at a festival or if you are in the Chicago area, this will be a performance unlike any other. Audiences will be amazed as shapes, animals, people all appear before your eyes with the wave of Fair’s lasers. This is a show not to be missed if given the chance.

The Epilogue HD was the next performance, which is a group of local performers who met while performing at ComedySportz Houston. Not only was this a fun and hilarious performance by the improvisers but also because of the audience member they brought up for their suggestion. This group asks an audience member to the stage and asks them to give a brief summary of their favorite fairy tale. The suggestion of the night was “Frozen”, and the audience member had a very interesting summary to say the least. The group had their work cut out for them as they garnished laughs from the audience as they showed what happened after the movie ended.

Adrian Frimpong and Adrien Pellerin, aka Adrian and Adrien, were the closing group of the night and worth the wait. This duo originates from Houston, although are now based in New York. As true improvisers do, this duo also asks for a suggestion from the audience, for a movie. The suggestion again was “Frozen”, which drew groans from the audience, although these two seasons professionals went right into their show getting huge laughs. These two are a perfect yin and yang mixing highly intelligent comments and wit all the while having a blast on stage.

The overall festival was a success and highlighted local and national talent. The festival happens each year and only continues to grow in scope and appeal. Be sure to visit their page and sign up for updates, so if you missed your chance to see any of the performers this year, you won’t miss a moment when it comes around next year. In addition, you can find more information about each of the weekend’s performers. Be sure to connect with the performers and the Houston Improv Festival socially on Facebook and Twitter.