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Houston goes low gas with high fun

Scoot Houston
Scoot Houston
Derk Dicke

The fun of riding a scooter is equal to the pleasure of driving your first car off the lot. Scooter sales have exploded in Houston, ever since the pinch of the economy caused many to downsize their budgets. But Houstonians seem creative in seeking solutions. Why not find methods of saving that are fun instead of just frugal? Why not find methods that may also help the environment? Why not help thin the crown of smog around our city?

Comparing the low fuel costs of a scooter to a hybrid car is like comparing a hybrid car to a Hummer (the super deluxe waste model Hummer). When fuel costs once again soar beyond 4 dollars per gallon--possibly far beyond 4--then even hybrids may begin to shiver for bigger batteries.

So where might you find the best scooter deals and customer service?

Scoot Houston, a solid small business backed by word of mouth advertising, seems a clear winner on all fronts. At Scoot, they sell high quality brands at small business prices. Their sales philosophy is based on building relationships with customers, and their combined experience of more than 30 years in the business provides customized advice for new customers. Further, Scoot is a "one stop shop concept," which includes a full service maintenance facility--ready for oil changes, tune-ups, and larger jobs one may imagine cost a fortune.  Scoot Houston understands nothing spreads the word better than stories of satisfied customers. Give it a test try. Ask for Keith.