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Houston funeral home buries wrong woman, has to dig body up

This man didn't realize it wasn't his mother being buried.
This man didn't realize it wasn't his mother being buried.

Having to attend a funeral is heartbreaking enough as it is, but things were even harder for a family in Houston. The NY Daily News reported on Aug. 2, 2014, that a Houston funeral home buried the wrong body, and actually had to dig it up since it was placed where it didn't belong.

Upon attending the funeral of his mother, Bruce Lawson thought she didn't look like herself when she was laying in the coffin. He began to think something was wrong, but then he merely assumed that the embalming was responsible for her changed appearance.

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Lawson said it perplexed him enough to the point where he told the funeral home attendant that "it doesn't look like my mom." She assured him that it was his mother.

“I said to her ... ‘It doesn’t look my mom,’” Lawson said. "Do you think maybe you have the wrong body? Maybe it's someone else back there? And she said ‘we don’t make those kind of mistakes.’"

WWLTV revealed that later on, Lawson learned it wasn't his 81-year-old mother Edna Lawson in the coffin at her funeral. A phone call from Mabrie Memorial shocked Lawson when they told him that they had found the body of his mother still in the funeral home.

Upon his return, he knew that was the real body of his mother.

There was only one choice that could be made at this point when it came to the woman that had been buried at Houston National Cemetery.

"Some other lady was placed on top of my dad, which was a WWII veteran, instead of my mom," said Bruce Lawson.

With that, the woman that was buried in the Lawson family site was exhumed and given a proper burial elsewhere. Mabrie Memorial has offered their sincerest apologies and offered to bury Edna Lawson, but the family is not happy with how things have happened.

Bruce said, "She wanted a spiritual way to leave this earth but it got robbed from her and her spirit."

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