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Houston Free Thinkers Free the Press benefit

The official flyer
The official flyer

The Houston Free Thinkers, in tandem with LocalLiveHouston are throwing a benefit to expose censorship and "free the press" from political pressures as well as the fact that LLH only plays Houston music - uncensored - 24/7. The benefit will be at Mango's Cantina this Friday, Oct. 21st [there is a conflicting date listed on the actual HFT website, but I have confirmed that it is indeed Friday].

The Houston Free Thinkers "manifesto," according to the groups Facebook page, is as follows:

"This page is dedicated to exposing the crimes and plans of the super rich global elite, what some refer to as The New World Order. This is not politics, it is not left, or right, liberal or conservative. This is how the world looks when its not filtered through the lens of the corporate mass media.

"This is an information war, and Free Thinkers Are Dangerous."

While Friday night's benefit is not strictly about corporate media malfeasance, all the bands playing support the cause as well as LocalLiveHouston, a radio website designed to showcase any and all Houston music in whatever form it takes. But whether you agree with the reasons for the show or not, there will be some stellar local talent gracing the Mango's stage and it is a show not to be missed.

So far, the bands slated to play are as follows:

  • Justice Allah of The 144 ELiTE: ”The 144 ELiTE world is about AgreeAbles vs. DisAgreeAbles. Positive over Negative Lyrics. The MUSIC focuses more on a Spiritual Vibe. Not the Big Baller / Player / My Big House, Car, and Gold Chain Rap. You'll like it.” –DOPE E of South Park Coalition
  • Days N' Daze: A so-called "riotfolk" band, they claim to be "punk, folk and ska's goofier younger sibling." Imagine the Descendents' Milo Aukerman singing and playing an acoustic guitar like he wants to kill it with an added female singer to round out the rough-edged mix.
  • Broken Quote: Sole member David Schrier suffers from a chronic pain disorder that almost forced him to quit music altogether. Luckily for music fans everywhere, he overcame the disappointment and depression that came from such a diagnosis to create Broken Quote, an electro-industrial soundscape of ambience and near-dancibility.
  • Vivian Pikkles and the Sweethearts Übe Alles: Houston's reigning champs of potty-mouthed lo-fi complete with fuzzy guitars and drums that sound like they could possibly be five gallon pickle buckets.
  • Papaya: A world beat conflagration "created by the Universe through its Ghost Host known as Fernando 'Don' Alejandro," Papaya draws influences from sources as disparate as Sun Ra, Fela Kuti, Afrika Bambaataa, John Lennon and Bill Hicks.
  • A Dream Asleep: Named best hardcore band in the Houston Press' 2009 reader's poll, the band is currently in contention for best Experimental/Noise band. Screaming vocals and on-a-dime changes, along with extremely high energy on-stage antics make A Dream Asleep one of Houston's most challenging and exciting bands, both live and recorded.
  • Last Ones Left: Metalcore growling vocals and thrash tempo place the Last Ones Left in the same ballpark as A Dream Asleep. Their goal is to spread the gospel of LOL "like a damn disease." Judging from their name, said disease perhaps has something to do with zombies.

Doors open at 7:30, the music kicks off at 8:00. Come out and support freedom of information! Oh, and be sure to save your energy for the last two bands of the night. You're gonna need it.


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