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Houston father shoots teen: Angry father shoots teen hiding in daughter's room

Johran McCormick, 17

A Houston father shoots a teen who had been hiding in his daughter's bedroom in a surprising story out of Texas. On March 15, eCanadaNow reported that Johran McCormick, 17, was fatally shot by the girl's father after he was told that the boy was in there -- Apparently he had creeped into his daughter's bedroom to have sex with her.

"Apparently, some of the girl’s younger siblings noticed the lad entering her room and alerted their father who arrived armed. The girl’s father found the boy in bed with her, but according to reports, the girl initially denied knowing the boy," reports eCanadaNews. Apparently the father asked McCormick to "stay still" but when he reached for something, the father shot him -- and killed him.

The Houston father shot the teen likely because he felt threatened. However, people can't believe that this man took out a gun in the first place -- perhaps he was trying to scare the boy who was in bed with his teen daughter? However, things got quite serious very quickly and the man ended up killing the boy who had reportedly been dating his daughter -- it's not like he was a stranger.

The incident is currently being investigated but the girl's father (the shooter) has not been arrested. This is surprising to many people especially McCormick's mother, Zakia.

Should the Houston father who shot the teen boy be behind bars?

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