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Houston father shoots, kills teen in daughter's bed: Dad claims self-defense

The Houston father, who shot and killed a teen Thursday after he caught the 17-year-old in his daughter's bed, is not behind bars. However, the mother of dead teenager, Johran McCormick, doesn't buy the dad's self-defense claim. She believes that if one shoots another human, they better be prepared to accept the consequences, especially if it was accidental, citing a March 18 Canada Journal report.

Crime scene tape (file photo)
Wikimedia Commons

Johran, an aspiring Air Force serviceman, allegedly was let into his girlfriend's home hours after midnight Thursday morning. Investigators said the girl's younger brother, who entered her bedroom to say goodnight, saw what appeared to be two feet underneath his sister's bed.

Tipped off by the boy, the father entered the room moments later, saw the young man in the bed, and inquired about his identity and reason for being in his home. In response, his daughter said Johran was an intruder and she didn't know him.

At some point, an argument ensued and the Houston dad called 911 before he shot one round, killing the teen almost instantly.

Johran's grief-stricken mom and father want answers from Harris County prosecutors as to why the unnamed man -- who was transported to the hospital after the fatal shooting for a severe panic attack -- is not under arrest for the fatal shooting.

If you take a life, you give your life. We're suffering. Why isn't he suffering too?" said Zakia McCormick, holding back tears on the death of her son.

For him to be in someone else's house at 2:30 in the morning is shocking to us," said Shawn Curley, who added that he too doesn't not buy the claim the Houston father has for shooting his teen son.

You don't shoot someone in the head on accident," said Johran's father.

The dead boy's parents said they warned him in the past never to sneak into a girl's home without the parents' permission. Moreover, they thought he was still out of town on spring break and were not aware he was even dating the girl. Sources in a CBS Local report said the parents were strict and "hard" on the girl.

It's unclear if the Houston father will be charged for shooting and killing the teenager. And while a grand jury is reviewing evidence in the case, a county prosecutor said it is very unlikely the man will ever be charged with a crime related to the shooting.

This tragic story is developing.


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