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Houston Dynamo/Dash play power soccer fundraiser against the Houston Fireballs

The ceremonial coin toss with Houston FireBalls captains Stephen "The Powerhouse" Schulz and "Girl on Fire" Allie Funk
The ceremonial coin toss with Houston FireBalls captains Stephen "The Powerhouse" Schulz and "Girl on Fire" Allie Funk
Lou Roesch

An assemblage of Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash players took to the pitch (the court) at the Fonde Center in downtown Houston on Thursday night in support of Dynamo Charities and a game of power soccer against the Houston Fireballs.
One of sixty teams across the nation, the Fireballs are a team of athletes confined to a wheelchair for a variety of reasons who play competitive soccer on a basketball court. The Houston Fireballs belong to the USPSA (US Power Soccer Association).
Broken into four 10 minute quarters, it is a fast paced game of 4 on 4 governed under the general guideline of soccer including off-sides, corner kicks and modified free throws. It uses a 13 inch ball.
Each member of the Fireballs is easily recognizable by their nicknames and in keeping with that tradition, the Houston Dynamo/Dash side provided their own accompanying nicknames. The team consisted of AJ “Big Country” Cochran, Servando “Hondo” Carrasco, Brittany “The Enforcer” Bock”, Tiffany “Cheeseburger” McCarty, Lauren “Bonecrusher” Sesselmann, and Tony “Neon” Cascio.
Both teams took to the court to a rousing ovation following the ceremonial coin toss and mid-field (court). Kasey “The Fury” Bennett and The Fearless Fast L.A. Garrison helped stake Houston to an early 4-0 lead as the Fireballs blazed past the Dynamo/Dash contingent.
This was a night though that didn’t measure winners and losers by the count on the scoreboard instead it was a celebration of athletes overcoming the adversities of their circumstance.
Cochran who jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this charitable fundraiser gained a new appreciation for those whose lives and mobility are confined to a wheelchair.
“The controls may look simple to use like a video c=game controller but looks are deceiving,” said Cochran. “There’s nothing easy about this.”
Power Soccer was just one of the many fundraisers sponsored by the Dynamo Charities in a week to be capped off by the Dynamo Charities Cup game at BBVA Compass Stadium on Saturday night July 26, 2014.

Houston Dynamo Servando Carrasco (hat) and Houston Fireballs power soccer player Kasey "The Fury" Bennett battle for a loose ball.
Lou Roesch

Power soccer will be on display at the Abilities Expo on July 25-27, 2014 at the George R. Brown Center in Houston, Texas.
For more information about power soccer contact Diane Murrell by email at

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