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Houston dad shoots and kills teen boy discovered in daughter’s bedroom

Dad shoots and kills teen boy.
Dad shoots and kills teen boy.
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Two families are devastated as a Houston father shot and killed a teen boy that he found in his daughter’s bedroom early Thursday morning. According to My Fox Houston on March 13, police officers responded to a call and found the 17-year-old boy dead from gunshot wounds caused by the owner of the house.

It all started when the father was told by one of his other children that they heard someone up in his 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom. He went to check it out and found the boy in bed with the girl. He had a gun in his hand at the time and asked the teenager to identify himself. Neither of the kids seemed to cooperate as his daughter chose to say that she had no idea who the boy was.

The confrontation led to gunfire after the boy made a move to grab something. The dad must have thought it might have been a weapon or he was just reacting because he fired shots and killed the teenager.

The daughter later confessed that she did indeed know who the boy was and that she had let him into her bedroom on purpose.

Reportedly, no arrests have been made as authorities are trying to piece together what happened. The father was seen taken away by ambulance. He might have been so distraught by the incident but no official word has been given on the reason.

One of the neighbors that was interviewed said, "You just feel terrible for the families. You just kind of reflect on both of these families’ lives have changed forever."

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