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Houston Culinary Tours: A Taste of Asia

spring rolls at Les Givral
spring rolls at Les Givral

Last Sunday, 17 Houstonians boarded a bus outside the Whole  Foods store in River Oaks, and set off of on a culinary adventure.  Accompanied by Houston chefs Monica Pope and Bryan Caswell, we visited some of the places they like to go to eat.  We got to talk with them on the bus and at the restaurants and a great time was had by all.  Do I need to mention that we ate at four restaurants?  Three of the four were gluten-friendly, and I have included photos from those three restaurants.  We visited Les Givral, Vieng Thai, Sinh Sinh and Kasra Persian grill.  I was able to eat mostly everything at Les Givral, Vieng Thai (watch out there is soy sauce in some of the items), and Kasra.  It was a little more difficult at Sinh Sinh, which has some very beautiful dishes but most of them contain wheat in some form or another. 

a beautiful gluten free birthday cake with a fondant bow, made by Gluten Free Houston
Gluten Free Houston

There will be other Culinary tours with other Houston chefs coming up.  If you are interested in going on one of the tours, please visit Houston Culinary Tours.

In news from Gluten Free Houston, our fresh-baked gluten free breads, rolls, cookies and muffins are now available at Central Market, and at the following Whole Foods stores:  Bellaire Blvd, Kirby/Alabama, and Sugar Land. 

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And don't miss our monthly "special occasion cake of the month" giveaway on our Facebook page.  All you have to do is enter a comment saying you want to be in the cake contest, and that is your entry.  The contest is now open for May special occasions.  We have already selected a winner for the April cake, and that info is on our Facebook page.  Here's a beautiful cake that we made last week:


  • luwoman 5 years ago

    Hi! I eat at Les Givral a lot, but i only eat the chicken soup and the tofu spring rolls. did you really eat the rice vermicelli bowl? those fried onions on top are coated in wheat flour.

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