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Houston couples find affordable restaurants without sacrificing taste

A nice meal followed by a long walk can make a beautiful date.
A nice meal followed by a long walk can make a beautiful date.

While embracing more meals and romantic evenings at home, Houston couples still itch to go out. They want to enjoy familiar comforts and also experience new adventures together and with friends.

In 2008, spending $70 at a restaurant may have been merely a blip on the financial radar. Today spending the same amount creates a ping in one’s side along with “buyer’s remorse”. After all, $70 could be the equivalent of one to two weeks worth of groceries, depending on shopping savvy.

Maybe the difference today is that we’re less willing to part with hard earned dollars at a mediocre restaurant. Why spend the dough on a less than satisfying meal? The truth is that there are terrific local eateries that are worth every penny. A couple of excellent resources for finding these affordable eating places are the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Press websites.

The Fork & Cork section of has a great restaurant search tool which can help Houstonians locate an inexpensive, critically approved restaurant in their area. For example, selecting “All Cuisines” in the Inner Loop at prices $10 or less while clicking “Show me critic picks” will yield 29 satisfying restaurants worthy of hard earned cash. Just one of those choices is Goode Company Barbecue, quickly serving delicious meats and sides. It’s probably the cheapest place to eat a very nice plate of duck in town. The Sweet Water Duck plate is only $9.95 for half the bird plus two sides and a slice of jalapeño cheese bread. The potato salad is amazing!

The Houston Press Restaurant Guide offers several critics picks. Click on that link and choose the single dollar sigh at the top of the page to indicate the lowest priced restaurants recommended by Robb Walsh. Out of the 24 possibilities, one notable choice is Café Lili n the Galleria area, serving superb Lebanese food like kabobs, hummus, pita bread and more. They offer a comfortable and lively atmosphere for a warm dining experience.

In my next article, discover the most affordable way to enjoy dinner and a movie, Texas style.


  • Brenda- Houston Frugal Family Examiner 5 years ago

    Great resources -I'm always looking for a bargain. Thanks Malia!

  • kevin 5 years ago

    i am with you baby.

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