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Houston-based ACEO Productions premieres event bridging philanthropy and electronic dance music

Houston DJ Erin Stanley, aka DJ Lullaby.
DJ Lullaby (Erin Stanley) of LOTUS
Photo by Lucas Keizer

This weekend, ACEO Productions launches the first in a series of events benefitting local charities and showcasing Houston talent. Bringing together over a dozen DJs, music promoters and performance artists, Nocturnal Reverb begins Saturday at 10 p.m. at Meridian (1503 Chartres) in downtown Houston. The event includes seven hours of electronic dance music, with ticket sales benefitting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston. Guests donating a children’s book receive a discount at the door.

Electronic dance music has experienced an incredible evolution over the last 30 years, particularly as technology has increasingly become more affordable. Today every major city has its own scene, fueled by a creative mix of people who often join together to form associations promoting a collective sound.

Those unfamiliar with the music scene in Houston may be surprised to learn just how lively and active it is, with hundreds of events each year. Usually oriented around a certain genre, these happenings are heavily promoted in underground publications such as the Houston Press and niche media like

With its philanthropic focus, Nocturnal Reverb promises to be different than a typical club event. The collaboration behind it centers on Jeremiah DiMatteo and Lance Morris, founders of multimedia production company ACEO Productions and enthusiastic players in Houston’s electronic music scene.

A musician by training, DiMatteo explains the two-fold purpose of the evening, “This event is a charity function, both for the DJs and for the Boys & Girls Club. Lance and I are both fathers and feel that children are extremely valuable; they’re the ones that are going to make things happen later, so we want everything we do to have a sense of charity… of giving back to the community. We also felt like this was an opportunity for us to promote people who have immense talent and a positive attitude.”

Helped by business associate Albert Fix (aka DJ Fix), DiMatteo and Morris have gathered a talented group of people and divided the music at Nocturnal Reverb into three areas, each with its own particular sound and creative collective. Live performance art by DiMatteo (aka MDJ live) as well as music by Morris (aka KCK), Daniel Allen and Nathan Stewart center around the first area, aptly called the ACEO Live Lounge.

LOTUS (Ladies of the Underground Sound), a female DJ crew that’s opened for headlining acts all over the city, figures prominently in the line-up. The LOTUS VIP area features Candice Elliot, Courtney Shay, Erin Stanley (aka DJ Lullaby, pictured above), and Jessica Partin.

The Main Stage showcases Albert Fix, Lucas Keizer, KARMA’s John Tran (aka Kung Fu Pimp), and Blak Audio’s Maximillian Bemis with percussionist Fabio Daniel. DiMatteo recently announced that LeRoy Peters, a pioneer of Houston electronic dance music, will also perform the Main Stage.

With each artist given roughly an hour to present their creations, Nocturnal Reverb should be an excellent opportunity to experience some of the best rising talent in local electronic dance music.


  • Peggy McCafferty(Oxford) 5 years ago

    John, Loved your article ! Thanks for the very interesting info!!! :)

  • Chuck Meredith 5 years ago

    We look forward to your review of this concert!

  • adam Philipson 5 years ago


    Sounds like an amazing event. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Nice to see the blending of this genre with boys and girls club.

  • Katie Bradshaw 5 years ago

    Great article! There's always so much more going on than I realize.

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