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Houston: A Wednesday out at Buffalo Wild Wings, Mezzanine and Brian O' Neal's


So it's hump day and you cannot see past the fact that you still have a half week of work left. It is not quite the weekend and there are no hopes of getting out of the office early, but no fear for it is big beer Wednesday.

Big Beer Wednesday's have been helping people get though their mid-week work crisis for years now. At many bars all around Houston they one up their normal beers and sell them in a 23 oz glass (for a cheap price). This most definitely hits the spot after a grinding day at the office.

Below is a few places around Houston that partakes in this Wednesday ritual.

Buffalo Wild Wings in Rice Village takes part in the Wednesday celebration selling their big beers at a cheap price. Their domestic beers are only $2.50 and their premium imported beers are $3.75. Bdub's (as the locals call it) also has their WII Wednesdays to go along with the beer specials. Come on out play a game of WII bowling and have a few beers to get you though that work week.

Wednesday's at Mezzanine Lounge are also the answer to your mid-week cry for help. Here at 'The Mezz" they offer $2.50 big beers. They also have $3 Southern Comfort and lime shots...Oh! add that extra kick to your night!

At Brian O' Neal's in Rice Village they have their "big arse beer night" on Wednesdays. You can even keep their 23 oz Irish toasting glass and bring it back weekly for cheap refills! At O'neal's Wednesday's is also their 1/2 price hamburger night, enjoy their delicious hamburgers for a great price!

I know that Wednesday's are usually a difficult work day so after you punch out come out an enjoy big beer night! If you end up having too many big beers all of these bars are always willing to call you a cab. Remember Yellow Cab is just a phone call away (713)236-1111. Have a happy Wednesday!