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Houston: A Saturday night out on Washington Avenue


Washington Avenue

is the new hot spot for Houstonian’s on a Saturday night.
is a 3 mile stretch of great bars, clubs and restaurants. There are so many great new places to go to that it is hard to choose which one to go to. There is no worries here though because most of the bars down
are close together and you can walk from bar to bar.

If you are a wine lover Max's Wine Dive is the spot for you. Max’s dubs itself a wine dive, but it is much more than that their motto says it all "fried chicken and
Champaign, why the hell not?"
I love to go to Max’s this place is a great wine bar without being pretentious.

If beer is your thing try Taps House of Beers. This place has over 90 draught beers from all over the world. Taps is absolutely the coolest place to chill out on
. They have a relaxed environment and great prices on drinks. There is always something to do here. They have
Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, old school board games, Golden Tee, and a great back patio to chill out on.

Up and down

there is always something to do, but beware that on the weekend nights it can get crazy. If you are going to be out drinking and dancing the night away I suggest you take a cab. On the weekends places charge about $15 for parking (ouch)! I always take a cab when going out down

there are so many cops out just looking to bust somebody fro drinking and driving. Keep it safe and have a fun night…so take a cab!