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Houston: A Monday night out at Red Lion, Velvet Melvin or Sherlock's

Mondays are a great night to party in Houston.

Though not a weekend, Monday nights in Houston are still full of happening events. There are so many bars that run awesome specials all round the Bayou City. The clubs and bars that you go to on the weekend (the ones that make you wait in lines and pay $5 for a beer) have great Monday specials.

Red Lion Pub on 2316 S. Shepherd has its  famous $5 hamburger night every Monday. Here you can order up a cheeseburger or four mini burgers for just $5! The burgers are so juicy and served with fresh cut french fries; this is surely a Monday deal that can kick off and excellent night out in Houston. Just grab a pint and your set!

Velvet Melvin Pub on Richmond Avenue, local bartender Tate Powers emcees a live trivia event which includes rounds of live trivia questions and free drinks (courtesy of liquor sponsors) throughout the night. Trivia starts around 7 p.m. and carries on until about 9 p.m. Monday regular Jon says, "this is a blast and this always has me looking forward to coming back the next week."

Sherlock’s on West Gray is always packed on the weekends; it can be quite intimidating to some on a Saturday night. On Monday nights, however, this place still goes strong just without the large crowds. It has a DJ that spins the latest mixes inside as well as a relaxed patio to chill out on. Monday’s are truly your best bet for this pub. Great deals include just about $2 - $3 you call its.

So next time you have the Monday blues think about all these great spots to perk up your Monday and get your week off to a great start.

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  • Chuy 5 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for the scoop.

  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    A case of the Mondays can be a good thing huh?

  • Lisa 5 years ago

    I have been enjoying the Monday burger nights at The Red Lion for several years now. You are so is one of the best deals in town on a Monday and the burgers are out of this world. I did not knowthe full scoop about the Monday trivia night at the Velvet Melvin Pub, but after having read your article, I plan to go and check it out and put my trivia skills to the test. Sounds like fun. Thanks!