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Houston: A Friday night out at 1820...It's Pac Man fever!



If you are sick of the same scene every Friday night, no fear for on the first and last Friday of the month 1820 lounge opens their door that connects to Joy Sticks and  "Pac Man fever" ensues. Now Joy Sticks is not always open so that is why at 1820 on a Friday night it is such a treat. They create a pathway to connect to the bar and game room.

The entire game room at Joy Sticks is full of classic Pinball machines, old school video games, air hockey, newer racing games, skee ball and  I am telling you the list goes on! The games are available for rent and purchase only which is why it is so awesome to play these games all night at 1820.

Now in order to play the games all you do is purchase a wrist band for $15. That is all you have to do to play the games all night long. It is so cheap! It is good for me because I can hop from game to game and not worry about loosing a pocket full of quarters. Just pay the small fee and you can play all night long. 1820 even has cocktail waitresses around so you don't have to leave your post and ruin your high score.

 The 1820 is located at 1820 Franklin Street in the heart of down town next to Minute Maid Park. There is Free parking all around just be careful and look for "no parking" and "tow" zones. So if you are wanting to check something new out tonight come to the 1820 and get in touch with the 80's kid in you and come get "Pac Man Fever".