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Housewives Star, Yolanda Foster, Puts Mansion on Market Due to Lyme Disease

Yolanda Foster and husband place their 11,622-square-foot home on market for $27.5 million, in order to focus on her severe battle with Lyme disease.
Yolanda Foster and husband place their 11,622-square-foot home on market for $27.5 million, in order to focus on her severe battle with Lyme disease.

Yolanda foster, debatably the most respectable housewife to date, continues to battle a severe case of chronic, late stage Lyme disease. She has made previous public statements in which she made it clear that all the money in the world cannot buy health. Actions always speak louder than words, though, and nothing has made her statement that money cannot buy health as clear as her recent decision to place her mansion on the market for a reported $27.5 million to help ease the stress of the treatment she is undergoing for her severely debilitating case of Lyme disease. It is not uncommon for Lyme patients to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars within months on tests, treatments, and doctor visits, as insurance for the most part denies coverage of the disease due to the CDC’s refusal to acknowledge chronic Lyme disease exists.

In December 2012, Foster first announced her illness publicly on Bravo, the home to her reality show “The Housewives of Beverly hills, by stating "Lyme disease has really severely attacked my brain,"
In an interview with ABC News, with tears in her eyes, she went on to say, "it’s such a lonely disease, and it's so silent. It started with memory loss and difficulty focusing. I couldn't read or write, or watch TV or do anything. I get emotional just thinking about it. How am I going to get out of this?"

Foster’s recovery has been nothing less than painful. After two years of treatment, she has yet to overcome it, which is not uncommon for people with Lyme disease -some of which suffer for decades. She has sought treatment all over the United States, and other countries for that matter, to no avail. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all when it comes to treatment of Lyme disease. Lyme disease not only migrates to different organs of one’s body, but it comes equipped with equally severe co-infections as well. That being said, those with Lyme are walking in the dark in many ways. With each of their infections different in nature, in regards to the organs the bacteria has invaded and which co-infections the individual has, finding a cure or a route to remission is no easy task. While we have no clue what treatment will work for Foster, or any other Lyme disease patient, we do know one thing for sure: Foster is a fighter, someone who has inspired the Lyme community beyond her wildest imaginations. We hope she keeps that in mind during her darkest days, because she has every reason to keep going.

Stating that she is really “not that attached to materialistic things. I can make any house a home,” serves as a reminder to us all that wealthy and beautiful super model or not, she is humble and genuine to the core -and THAT is what will get her through this.