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Housemade ricotta to duck confit all at Park & Main Quality Food

Duck confit with mango chutney, pickled red onions and fresh cilantro
Duck confit with mango chutney, pickled red onions and fresh cilantro
Stephen Fuller

Chef Kim Nuzum, of Park & Main Quality Food, is doing everything right, in this indiscreet restaurant at the end of Main Street, Breckenridge. Scratch cooking everything; start to finish all the way to handcrafted cheese made on the premise to slow roasted meats that fall off the bone. Daily specials elevate the food to another level. This restaurant is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, but the best part is that is hasn’t been discovered for the high end prepared foods. It’s still a local secret where you can eat five star cuisine at a three star price.

The house made ricotta bruschetta is delightfully light and delicately sweet which blows your socks off. If you have never had fresh ricotta you are in for a treat; there is no comparison to anything you can buy in a store that is as creamy as her ricotta. Lightly seasoned and honey folded in makes this distinctively one of a kind that keeps you coming back for that next bite. The roasted tri color peppers adds a nice textural difference to the ricotta and also a nice flavor being tossed in aged balsamic vinegar. Finished on top of a tender baguette with a sofrito creates an unforgettable food pairing and a unique style of a traditional bruschetta.

Just when you thought the bruschetta was to die for outcomes Chef Kim’s daily special; a duck confit sandwich with a mango chutney, pickled red onions and fresh cilantro. First off, the duck was moist and tender, cooked perfectly, you just have to love that, when things are done right that’s where the magic happens. The mango chutney is nothing like I’ve ever had before; it has great texture the perfect amount of curry spice to enhance the flavor but not to overwhelm the freshness of the mangoes. This is a great combination, you have the sweet of the mango and the spice of the curry and the tartness of the pickled red onions and the freshness of the cilantro and it’s a flavor eruption on your palate.

Park & Main Quality Food is a must stop eatery in Breckenridge. Located in La Cima Mall on the top level at the corner of… you guessed it Park Avenue and Main Street. Park & Main Quality Food serves breakfast lunch and dinner. Daily Specials run throughout the evening served till it’s gone.