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Household: Decorating tips

For the home
For the home
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We all love tips to make our life just a little bit more manageable. As your Dallas Household Tips Examiner I search for tips for myself and pass them along to my readers.

Need some new ideas for decorating around the house? Try some of these tricks!

  1. Add color to a neutral wall by using colored mats behind your photos. It will draw attention to the photo and turn them into an instant focal point.
  2. Find a place in your home to label as your “pick me up wall”; on this wall hang all your funny or goofy family shots. When you pass this wall you know it will put a smile on your face.
  3. It's easy to tie photos together, even when they are different events or subjects; just get similar colored frames.
  4. Jar lids make perfect mini-frames. All you have to do is spray paint them and let dry; cut the photo to fit the flat center and glue it in place with spray adhesive. Attach to a board with magnetic tape or more more spray adhesive.
  5. You can make your own shadow box! Just line the back of an inexpensive wooden box with wallpaper or fabric of your choice; then put photos, toys, charms, or other trinkets that will help preserve those special memories.
  6. Have a stainless steel refrigerator that wont let magnets stick to? That's OK just attach your favorite photos with double-stick tape or poster putty. They are easy to put up, take down or rearrange whenever you feel like it!

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