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House votes to sue president over execuive overreach while Obama pokes fun

President Obama laughs off lawsuit
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

The House formally voted to sue the president of the United States on Wednesday to stop him from abusing his executive powers to circumvent laws passed by Congress. The vote was on party lines, with no Democrats voting for the measure and five Republicans voting against. Meanwhile President Obama spent the day in a campaign style swing through Missouri ridiculing Republicans and pushing for his own economic agenda. He got in digs against his opposition for leaving on the August recess with some bills left unpassed and for opposing him in general.

“Scolding Republicans to ‘stop just hating all the time,’ he said GOP lawmakers need to ‘help out a little bit.’

“’I know they’re not that happy that I’m president, but that’s okay,’ he said to laughs. ‘I’ve only got a couple of years left. C’mon, let’s get some work done, then you can be mad at the next president.’

“Before Congress leaves for its August recess at the end of the week, he said it needs to pass a bill to fix the Highway Trust Fund, which is running out of money to help rebuild roads and bridges, and an emergency spending bill to help fight wildfires out West and provide resources to help deal with the border crisis.

“’So there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to get done,’ he said. ‘Unfortunately, [I] think the main vote that they’ve scheduled for today is whether or not they decide to sue me for doing my job,’ he said.”

It should be noted that the lawsuit in question is about a serious matter. Even some liberal academics, such as George Washington University law professor Jonathon Turley, who supports many of the president’s policies, has urged Congress to act against Obama’s overreach. He suggested that the president is engaged in an unprecedented usurpation of executive power and that the legislative branch needs to redress the balance before it’s too late.

The president, while having fun fund raising and whipping up friendly crowds, also artfully ignored the role of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s in perpetuating congressional gridlock. Reid, a Democrat, has refused to allow numerous bills passed by the House to be considered in the Senate. He has thrown a monkey wrench into the emergency border bill by threatening to attach comprehensive immigration reform to it.

The president himself has contributed just a little to the gridlock by threatening to veto the emergency border bill, designed to deal with the influx of illegal aliens into southern border states, if it includes provisions to speed up the deportation of unaccompanied children from Central America. The problem is that the president himself requested those changes. He is now backing away from them under pressure from liberal Hispanic groups.

The president is headed for his own vacation in August, planning to spend 15 days relaxing and golfing at Martha’s Vineyard. In the meantime, the crises on the border continues. The wars in Gaza and the Ukraine are also raging unabated.

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