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House to vote on Gettysburg Train Station, Peace Corps Memorial bills

When the House of Representatives convenes on Monday, Jan. 13, it will immediately take up two bills to enhance our national parks. It was announced in the Congressional Record of Friday, Jan. 11, available online on Saturday, Jan. 12, that the House's business on Monday will consist largely of another attempt to add on to Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania and to build a memorial to the Peace Corps in or around Washington, DC.

The House is scheduled to meet at noon on Monday. The docket includes suspending the rules and voting on the two measures. View the schedule at

First, the House will take up H.R. 1513, which would add the Gettysburg Train Station and certain land along Plum Run in Cumberland Township to the park in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Abraham Lincoln delivered his famed Gettysburg Address at the station. The National Park Service could only acquire the land by donation. View the legislation at

Next, the House plans to vote on S. 230, which would authorize the Peace Corps Commemorative Foundation to establish a commemorative work in or near the District of Columbia. The Senate already approved the bill. View it at

For background on both bills, see the stories linked to below.

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