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House threatens future of NASA


  • gaetano marano 5 years ago


    the “commercial space” CAN’T replace the Space Shuttle and can put the $200 billion ISS under the serious risk to DIE soon!!!

    some people are pro-Shuttle, others are against it, but ALL know the DETAILED Space Shuttle data

    some people are pro-Ares1/5, others are against them, but ALL know the DETAILED Ares1/5 NASA studies

    some people are pro-EELVs, others are against them, but ALL know the DETAILED Delta/Atlas/Ariane/etc. data and launches

    well, now, some people are pro “commercial space”, others are against it, but HOW they/we can be PRO or AGAINST it, if they/we STILL don’t know the EXACT data and info of the “commercial” vehicles??????????

    well, SpaceX hasn’t given yet any detailed info and data about the Dragon

    the specs available in the .pdf published on the SpaceX site aren’t so clear

    so, it’s hard to evaluate this vehicle to know what it really can or can’t do

    these are the exact data we need to know from SpaceX about the Dragon:

    - payload adapter mass ________

    - empty service module mass ________

    - service module propellants mass ________

    - empty capsule mass ________

    - ejected nose cone mass ________

    - max ISS pressurized cargo mass ________

    - max ISS unpressurized cargo mass ________

    - max returned cargo mass ________

    - cargo Dragon GLOW ________

    - crewed Dragon GLOW ________

    - Dragon LAS mass ________

    - max crew life support mass ________

    - max crew+seats+spacesuits mass ________

    - max mission autonomy (days) ________

    - max Falcon-9 “dumb” payload to ISS orbit ________

    all data should be in kg. or mT (1000 kg.)

    the data of the crewed Dragon should be for a full, seven astronauts, mission

    could the “commercial” SpaceX give CLEAR data and answers to the space community, the american taxpayers (that will pay $2 billions to SpaceX…) and the (potential) investors?

    remember that NASA and USA should RELY (mainly or only) on the Falcon-9 and Dragon for the next TEN+ years!!!

    just read this article about the NASA “future”:


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    So the funding in the new House bill for commercial crew is very close to the Senate bill. The two are actually very much alike now. The House bill cuts commercial crew only a little more than the Senate does.

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