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House Speaker John Boehner Says No To Immigration Reform 2014 – Obama blocked

House Speaker John Boehner Says No To Immigration Reform Efforts
House Speaker John Boehner Says No To Immigration Reform Efforts
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Just when conservatives felt that the Republican controlled House of Representatives would throw in the towel on opposition to Obama and democrat immigration reform, Speaker Boehner says no to reform, according to Fox News. On Thursday morning, the steam that had been building among the GOP leadership in the house to legitimize illegal aliens in the United States hit a wall. House Speaker John Boehner hit the brakes and told the media that he feels it would be”difficult,” to move reform legislation at this juncture.

This move on Thursday puts a possible permanent political monkey wrench in the plans by President Obama who had urged passage of immigration reform in his State of the Union Speech last week. In fact, the White House and immigration reform proponents had already popped the champagne corks, when Boehner had indicated that immigration reform efforts were going to receive a green light in the house.

Conservative and Tea Party House members had stated all along that the immigration reform efforts that were being introduced in the house were merely a dog and pony act, and simply opened the door for full illegal aliens to gain full citizenship. The reality that the administration would never fully embrace enforcement efforts by the federal government or support states like Arizona and others was abundantly clear.

According to Fox News, Boehner admitted, “There’s widespread doubt about whether this administration can be trusted to enforce our laws, and it’s going to be difficult to move any immigration legislation until that changes.

The drip, drip step-by-step suggestions by certain GOP reform advocates in the house and the senate appeared to focus on a multi-track approach to rewarding illegal aliens the ability to become full citizens. Border security and enforcement led the way in the steadfast opposition to allowing law breaking border jumpers to a pathway to citizenship instead of recognizing that they were criminals for breaking U.S. law.

Now the ball is in the president’s court and with scant time left before the mid-term election season fully launches, the idea that anything on immigration reform that would jump these illegal aliens to the head of the line, seems less and less likely.

“I have made clear for 15 months the need for the Congress and the administration to work together on the issue of immigration reform. It needs to get done,” claims Speaker Boehner, reported Fox News. It appears that this political hot potato is too hot to handle in 2014.

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