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House Republicans Suck Air and Will Extend Payroll Tax Cut

Republicans Fail To Raise Taxes On Middle Class
Republicans Fail To Raise Taxes On Middle Class

The House has felt the pressure from President Obama, the public, and nearly every reasonable human being in America and agreed to pass the Senate’s two-month payroll tax cut extension. The recalcitrant Republicans, led by teabagger slave, House Speaker John Boehner, caved and did the right thing for the economy and 160 million Americans after crushing pressure to help hard working Americans who are struggling through the slowly improving economy.

According to the National Review, negotiators "found a path forward for a 2-month deal that provides a brief extension, that fixes the payroll problems in the Senate-passed bill, and that provides the ability to work toward a longer-term solution.” The deal has no differences than the original Senate deal reached between Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority leader Mitch (Turtle-boy) McConnell, but Republicans are hard-pressed to admit defeat without claiming to “fix” the Senate’s version of the extension.

Republicans had hoped to let the middle class tax cuts expire to punish them more in this difficult economy. The President had proposed the one-year extension back in September as part of his jobs plan that Republicans are against to keep the economy and unemployment figures high going into next year’s election. The GOP is happy that their deregulation frenzy during the Bush administration caused the financial meltdown of 2007-2008, and the effects that have nearly half of America living at or below the federal poverty level.

The Republicans had hoped to drive more Americans into poverty by withholding the middle class’s tax cuts hostage for entitlements for the oil industry, corporations, and the ultra-wealthy who are doing extremely well as more of the country becomes homeless. Apparently, the House Republicans and their teabagger bosses were hoping that by protecting the wealthy by raising taxes on the middle class, more Americans would become peasants and the rich would gain all the wealth in America. Of course, the GOP’s goals have not changed and they will certainly find another way to punish hardworking Americans by stealing their tax dollars to give to the rich. However, for the time being, their evil plans have been foiled until they can return with new Draconian cuts to kill jobs, cut services for the poor, disabled, and seniors to enrich the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

For now though, 160 million Americans can look forward to their tax cut for at least two months and the half of America that wallows in poverty will struggle to find food and shelter over the Christmas holiday. It is a sure bet they are not congratulating Republicans, but the GOP is unlikely to care because their goal of making all of America a country of peasants is half-way completed. But it is clear that 160 million Americans are cheering that President Obama held the line and forced Boehner and the rest of the vile Republicans in the House to do their jobs and extend a small payroll tax cut that means the world to good, hardworking Americans.


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