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House passes health-care reform

The President pushing for health-care reform
The President pushing for health-care reform
AP photo/C Dharapak


  • Jean 6 years ago

    What a great article and what a nice segway into info on intelligence. Thanks!

  • Karen & Jerry 6 years ago

    Brilliant! Your article confirms a long held belief!! Another great article!

  • Abby 6 years ago

    Wow! I'm sorry I stumbled onto this misleading piece of garbage. This is Examiner at its worst: a title designed to entice readers who are actually looking for legitimate information, when in fact it's just your personal agenda with no place else to go.

  • Michael 6 years ago

    Do not know if this a done deal-also there are questions-What will the real cost be. We want to remove profits from health care but what are those profits funding-ie retirement for individuals. there are others-Who is willing to look for truth?

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    This is a very well written article. It makes sense that educated people tend to lean towards liberalism and atheism as school broadens ones horizons and shows people various points of view. Critical thinking and creative reasoning skills are developed the most in college, so educated people are more likely to question things and think outside of the box.

    Great article, thank you for sharing :o)

  • Linda 6 years ago

    Great article. There is no denying educated intelligent people are more willing to open their minds and explore the facts. Case in the well-written comment by Jessica to the nothing to contribute trash talk by Abby.

  • Abby 6 years ago

    You might be surprised to know that I have an MBA. I also write for Examiner, and I've been told on many occasions that we can't pretend an article is news when it isn't. I don't care to help Mr. Charvat earn is pennies from this piece, but I find it extremely offensive that he would title an article in a way that led me to believe I'd get some valuable information on what "health care reform" means to me.

    What I see here is typical of the current administration. Make a bunch of promises that you can't keep, then shove what you can down people's throats and make them think it's good for them.

  • Robbin 6 years ago

    I thought we elected people to represent the majority - apparently this did not happen. This was closed door deals, unconstitional messes, which I don't find very transparent at all.

    Time will tell when this hits the Supreme Court.

  • Patty Davis 6 years ago

    It is egotistical of the Liberals to think they are the only educated citizens. As Abby pointed out, clearly and without name calling, Conservatives are also intelligent and educated.

    It seems that Liberals are for free speech as long as they are the ones making the speeches. If a Conservative wants to voice an opinion, it is labeled bickering and "tea party antics."

  • Stephen 6 years ago

    If this were not the beginning of our total loss of freedom in this country, your self righteous, liberal, elitist viewpoint would be laughable. I cannot believe the arrogance that I see in this article of progressive garbage.

    Your belief in the "scientific data" supporting liberals being more intelligent than conservatives is on par with "don't cross your eyes they'll get stuck." Might I remind you, Mr. Charvat, that our founding fathers, considered brilliant, were more in line with our conservative values than any of your liberal ideals.

    You don't support social justice; you support some warped sense of justice that is not justice for all, but encourages handouts for those that aren't motivated to do for themselves. Socialism is a great idea in a perfect world where everyone is willing to contribute. It won't happen. Never has and never will. Utopia is a not obtainable. Socialism, in the end only becomes slavery.

  • Mac 6 years ago

    If liberals and liberal ideals are so intelligent, then why has it failed throughout history? Freedom has been the root of all success, and capitalism is a natural result. It's only when morals are excluded (the removal of God) that the system collapses.

    I'll refrain from calling you and some of your readers stupid. Then I would be just like you. But God help us - you, this article, and its supporters are shining examples of colossal ignorance.

    Socialism, more clumsy government in our life, my loss of the right to chose or refuse. Hardly brilliant. And even if you feel socialized health care is a good thing, what was passed as health care reform isn't anything close to that. If the unemployed/self-employed/small businesses could afford to purchase health insurance, don't you think they'd be doing it?

    What is equally disturbing, is the number of arrogant people that agree with you. I'm sure these are the same fellow Americans that know better about what I need and want than I d

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