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House Of Representatives In Favor Of Medical Marijuana

House Of Representatives In Favor Of Medical Marijuana
House Of Representatives In Favor Of Medical Marijuana
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The House of Representatives last Friday voted to block the Federal Government from going after those states that have voted to allow the use of medical marijuana. The democrats and some 49 republicans voted in favor of this. The total number of states has grown to 22 since Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed his states bill into law.

The Nation is facing this issue of allowing medical marijuana and or the sale of marijuana in general and to retake a look at how they feel about the subject. For decades it has been the evil weed. Now with many looking at its effects on children with seizures, on cancer, and aids in general and the quality of life that it provides for some they feel it makes sense to allow it. The government has known the usefulness of medical marijuana for decades. They even went and took a patent out on it. They have used this to put a stop to research that could have helped many. Problem is that the DEA has never wanted anyone knowing its good uses. They have always felt that if the general public knew about it they would want to legalize it and thus put them out of a job. Pharmaceutical companies for years didn't want anyone using medical marijuana because it would stop the pill market that it holds and would make them lose money.

For years many of us have known its use to combat nausea. This is why people like John Morgan a leading attorney in Florida risked all his fortune to help his father with care after chemotherapy. The state of Florida also has Senator Don Gaetz who 30 years ago helped a minister friend acquire marijuana when he had chemo. It helped both these patients to eat and at least have a chance after chemo.

Florida's Governor Rick Scott has stated that he will sign into law medical marijuana for our state. In November we will be voting on an amendment to allow it and this will pass with flying colors. The last poll says some 88% is in favor of it being passed.

So it looks like the American public has finally turned the eyes of our politicians to look favorably at the use of medical marijuana. This may mean that within a short period of time we the people may be going to buy our marijuana legally across this great country. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to