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House of Night Coloring Book

The House of Night is always expanding. First P.C. Cast released the Fledgling Handbook so we could have a textbook from the series. Then there was the House of Night comics so we could see what was happening in the House of Night. Now P.C. Cast is releasing a House of Night coloring book.

This was the first sketch that the fans had to choose from to be in Kalona's Fall. This one was chosen to be included in the coloring book.
Artist: Aura Dalian, released by P.C. Cast at
The future cover of the House of Night coloring book.
P.C. Cast at

The coloring book will include pictures created by a friend of P.C. Cast, Aura Dalian. Aura is also a tattoo artist. The book will also include and Q&A section where fans submitted questions for her to answer.

Three pictures to be included in the coloring book have been released by P.C. Cast on her blog. The first was a picture chosen by the fans to be placed in the coloring book while the other was chosen to be pictured in the next novella called Kalona’s Fall which will be released July 29, 2014. This picture is described as the “Earth Goddess.” The second picture that was released is a picture of Stevie Rae. The last picture that was released is a landscape picture of the House of Night. This picture will be the cover of the coloring book. All of these pictures can be seen in the slideshow included in this article.

P.C. Cast recently submitted the manuscript of the coloring book and is expected to be released this May.

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