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‘House of Food’ students ‘Scale Back’ on seafood challenge on MTV

Will was not very happy losing the challenge to his friend Suki on House of Food
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

On tonight's MTV episode of “House of Food,” the eight culinary students live together in a house while being trained by three of the country’s best chefs. Only one will earn the apprenticeship of a lifetime. It will not be easy, as the training will be tough and the chefs are even tougher. Viewers have already seen how these ethnically and culturally diverse people do not get along, as they compete against each other on this episode titled “Scale Back.”

As the episode begins, six of the eight students will be going to a gay bar in Hollywood, and Will is thrilled. Harrison and Lorena are staying behind, after Harrison had the meltdown after the last episode. While in the gay bar, Jake was propositioned because his usual clothes, the tight jeans and cowboy hat, attracted a man who found him hot. When the group returned, Gillian was wasted and Suki and her developed a new relationship, time will tell if it lasts.

However, the party was not over completely, as Suki and Amanda got on the island and put on a show for Brian, Will and Jake. Jake had to show his whiskey tango and got up and did his dance for the ladies, and even got a dollar shoved in his pants.

The next day the group was brought to a large fish market, where restaurants get their products. The smell took a bit of getting used to, and all were not happy about it. Chef Casey Lane was instructing them on what to look for in fresh fish. Checking the gills, scales and eyes are most important in determining freshness. Then Casey showed them how to filet and cut up the fish. Will was very aware of all Casey was teaching so he took a mind break while the rest were either absorbing everything he said or being disgusted by the demonstration. Then he told them that tomorrow, they would be teamed in pairs to prepare and create two different fish dishes using the fish they were assigned.

As a dirty trick, Suki decided to put a fish under Lorena’s bed, snidely stating that she probably would not even notice. Because everyone was in the room, she could not pull off the prank by putting it under the bed, but she did put it in the bathroom. Gillian found it first and went back to Suki telling her that it was not funny anymore, as it was her bathroom too. Suki apologized to her and hugged her, now hopefully this nonsense is coming to an end.

The next day, Casey gave a few more cooking demonstrations, how to crisp the skin, and prepare raw fish. Then he paired up the students, knowing who gets along and who does not; he wanted them to work together as they would in a restaurant, because not everyone gets along there too. He paired Amanda & Brian, Jake & Gillian, Lorena & Suki and the worst pairing of all Will & Harrison, because Will could not put aside his hatred.

Chef Chris went to each team to see what they had planned, he seemed to be happy with each choice. Lorena is making something to her palate as Suki is making an African dish. Suki is a bit on edge, because Lorena is not as confident about her dish as she hoped she would be. They spent the night preparing their food, so the cooking part would be much easier for all. Some are making their dish in hopes that they will nail the dish with their one and only try. As the group put aside all the animosity, they were working as teams. Later, Suki took Lorena aside and told her their dishes were perfect, and they were going to win. It was congenial to give Lorena a boost of confidence she needed and a nice gesture on Suki’s part.

The next day, they went to Chef Casey’s restaurant to do their challenge. The prize will be a personal lesson at the house. The teams worked hard and when it was time to plate their food, Casey counted down the last few minutes. As the chefs looked over the plating, they were very impressed. Amanda & Brian’s sushi rice was very overcooked, but Amanda’s fish was delicious and cooked the way Casey showed them the day before. She gave kudos to her partner as well, since she never cooked fish in the past. Harrison & Will made two beautiful dishes, but the one problem with the judges; they both cooked their fish the same way, even though the dishes differed. Jake & Gillian did a good job, as neither ever cooked tuna before, they left a bloodline on one dish, which detracted from the plate. Suki & Lorena did an awesome job with their two dishes. Casey stated that the two top teams were Lorena & Suki and Harrison & Will. However, with the three judges voting, Casey had to choose the deciding vote and chose Suki & Lorena’s dishes as the winners. Will was not happy with the loss, and even tasted their dishes and had negative comments about them, especially Suki’s.

On the way back to the house, Suki told Will that her feelings were hurt because he said her dish sucked. He told her he did not say it sucked, but he was visibly pissed that he lost. As new friendships begin, will old friendships be lost? Time will tell on the next episode of the “House of Food,”

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