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‘House of Food’ students learn to ‘Cater to the Crowd’ on MTV

Tonight's MTV episode of “House of Food,” was titled “Cater to the Crowd.” As the eight culinary students live together in a house while being trained by three of the country’s best chefs, tempers are flaring, and friends from the beginning are no longer friends.

As the episode begins, the entire group is at the Santa Monica Pier having a great time on the rides. When they stop for a bite to eat, Will, Suki and Amanda are at their own table where tension can be cut with a knife. Suki relates that she is not friends with anyone in the house and just does her own thing. Will knows that he is wasting his time if he tries to reason with Suki about the gay remarks she said, after a week of not speaking to her. When Amanda and Will were walking together, he told her that Harrison asked if they would get together again, and he told her it was not possible, and he said if he left there with just one good friend, it was good enough for him.

The next day, Chef Brendan told them they would learn the importance and relevance of catering. Today they were going to work on small bites, loaded with flavor. The first lesson was to make a cold soup made from potatoes and leeks called vichyssoise and serve it with a crostini with scallop tartare. After tasting the two items, each liked them very much. The reason for this lesson is because they will be catering the Los Angeles Auto Show to the elite of the automobile industry. Tomorrow they will present their appetizer to the catering team at the L.A. Auto Show. Chef Brendan told them that four would be chosen from the group and one winner will be chosen from the four.

That night they had to think about all the qualities necessary for them to make five hundred items and be consistent with their presentation. First off, they had to win the competition. After all the prep work, they decided to go out for a drink. Everyone seemed to have a good time but Suki, so Harrison asked if she was alright, and she said she was fine.

On the way back home, Suki asked Will why he tried to throw her under the bus with the seafood competition. She countered that she said the boys were writing things down, which did not include him, meaning he was not a boy, because he is gay. He also stated that when they first met, she stated that she did not like flamboyant people. But he interpreted it as gay, and told Amanda, who has many flamboyant friends. Soon Amanda and Suki were banging on the roof of the van, and Amanda stated how she would like to hit her, but was not getting kicked off the show for her dumb ass.

The next morning, they went to the Auto Show, for their cooking audition. Everyone seemed to be in a neutral mood and when Brendan told them they had 45 minutes to prepare and serve their dishes. They all got to work. They presented their dishes to the staff of the L.A. Convention Center. They were looking for four great appetizers that represent, Los Angeles, California and local cuisine. They are looking for items that are tasty, easy to eat and look great. Jake made a BBQ wonton with a mustard slaw on top; it was good, but they needed something that would be eaten in one bite. Harrison made an arancini with Bolognese sauce; they loved his sauce and asked if it was the vegetarian, he stated no, but he could make it vegetarian. Amanda made a spicy BBQ beef biscuit, a takeoff of her original Barbie cake that she bombed on in the beginning, they said it was dry, but the spices made it better. Suki made a deviled egg with crispy chicken skin on top, although deviled eggs are on many catering menus, this topping gave it flair. Will made California grass-fed beefsteak tartare, they liked it but warned against raw meat. Brian made a Kobe beef skewer, and he was prepared to make sure it did not get dry. Gillian made a rosemary crème brulee, the judges suggested it be made in a spoon to make it easier to eat. Lorena made a goat cheese crostini with seasonal fig and prosciutto crisp which the judges loved.

When they chose the four, they chose Lorena, Harrison, Brian and Gillian. Back at the house, Suki asked if she could steal Will for a minute, so the two of them went to the room and spoke like human beings. They tried to state their cases and why they were upset. When she stated about flamboyant people, she meant Lorena, and it had nothing to do with sexuality. Now Suki found out that Amanda knew all along why Will was upset, but never told her. She feels that it was evil of her to do that, and guessed that she wants Will all to herself. Although this may soothe things over now, they both know that things will never be the same.

The next day was the event prep, and emotions were put aside, as all hands were busy with the preparations. Chris came to tell the four winners that as executive chefs for this event, they were all going to wear chef jackets.

As the day arrived, each one had help from the entire group. This is now a team effort and although not happy, the non-winners helped out the winners. When they arrived at the venue, some of Gillian’s crème brulee did not set and Chef Brendan ordered everyone to help her make it right. Fortunately, they all helped and the crème brulee were completed in time for the event. The four non-winners and the winners were busy filling the trays for the next serving. Brendan was an awesome expeditor, as the chefs were marching to his tune. After the food was served, the three chefs came in to announce the winner. It was Lorena, who won her first challenge. Congrats, her grandmother will be so proud.

As with every event, the next step is to clean up, and although Chef Brendan tried to trick her into thinking she won a car, it was a lame try. However, despite cleaning up, each one was on the same team, and they got the job done on this episode of the “House of Food,”

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