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‘House of Food’ students learn ‘All About the Heat’ on MTV

Brian the overall winner on House of Food
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

On tonight's MTV episode of “House of Food,” where seven untrained culinary students live together in a house while being trained by three of the country’s best chefs, one and only one, will earn the apprenticeship of a lifetime. It will not be easy, as the training will be tough and the chefs are even tougher. Viewers have already seen how these ethnically and culturally diverse people do not get along, as they compete each week.

As the episode begins, the entire group goes sightseeing in Hollywood, with an extra peppy tour guide. Will asked her if she was drunk, but she did not answer him. As they rode on the top of the double-decker bus, the low-lying branches of the trees were coming too close as a few were hit several times. After the tour, they decided to go out to a bar. But after having words with Suki, Harrison had a few choice things to say about Suki, who overheard him, and decided not to go with the rest of the gang. Surprisingly, Will did go, leaving her alone.

When they came back, Harrison could not stop ranting about how he felt that Suki was fake and tried to rattle him because he was the new guy, asking him if he was gay, if he could cook and just annoying him. He even told Will that he knew he would tell her what he said, but he promised not to tell.

The next day they were working on knife skills with their culinary coach, Chris Nirschel. The practiced julienne cut, making matchstick size pieces. Suddenly, a shouting match between Suki and Harrison erupted, until Chris called time out and had a talk with each of them.

In his room, Harrison was cooling off, when Brian and Jake came to see him. Brian told him that Suki was trying to run the house all along, but being new, he was not used to her antics. He said that he was embarrassed for the way he acted in front of everyone, especially Chris.

Later, the group was taken to the beach; Jake is from Kansas and never saw an ocean before. As they sat around the campfire, Chef Brooke told them their lesson was cooking with heat. They put oysters on the flame of the grill until they sizzled and popped open. Will enjoyed seeing Lorena get spat at by the oysters when they popped open. Amanda never had oysters before and thought it was disgusting. Brooke then put a whole split salmon on the grill adding herbs and butter inside. Brian made Harrison eat a fish eye, as they each had one, the rest of them shuddered. As they watched the sunset over the ocean, it was a sight, few of them had seen before. Brooke told them she was coming over to the house to show them other methods of cooking using different types of heat. When they returned to the house, Amanda moved her bed into Will and Suki’s room to be with them.

Harrison went to apologize to Suki and told her he was sorry for his bad behavior. She appreciated his apology, but did not accept it; she first had to calm down. He promised never to say another bad word about her. While Suki was on the balcony with Will and Amanda, she told them about the apology, but Will stated that he was a slime ball and had bad vibes about him from the get go.

Brooke returned to give them the next lesson about heat. Starting with steaming, then pan-roasting, and finishing with frying. She put clams in a pot to steam, and they started opening immediately. She added two different wines and made a broth that was delicious. For pan-roasting, she had salmon and showed them how to crisp the skin. The last lesson was frying. She was making fried Twinkies with a raspberry compote; they all agreed it was delicious.

For their assignment, she was dividing the group into, steaming, roasting, frying and grilling. The winner of the challenge will have dinner at her restaurant and invite two friends. For steaming, she chose Brian & Suki. Gillian & Lorena will be grilling; Jake & Amanda will be pan-roasting, and frying will be Harrison & Will.

The next morning, Amanda and Suki went to get their nails done, because they needed to trim them for the competition. Back in the house, Harrison tried to apologize again, as she listened, he told her if he had any problems with her, he would come and talk it out.

The night before the challenge, they were doing their prep work. The competition will take place in Brooke’s restaurant, and each one wants to win. As they cooked their food, some tasted each other’s dishes. Will still hates Harrison and wants to beat him badly.

The next day, at the restaurant the three instructors were awaiting the judging. One chef from each group would be chosen and from them, the clear winner will be crowned. The reward will be dinner at Brooke’s restaurant that night with two friends. Jake and Amanda were up first to start pan-roasting. Jake’s pan was not hot enough, and his fish stuck to it. Amanda’s potatoes were too runny, and she had to start over. In the end, Amanda won. Next up were Gillian and Lorena, who were grilling and Gillian was the clear winner. Harrison and Will were frying, but Will was criticizing Harrison’s choice from every angle. Had Harrison executed his dish better, he would have won, but Will won by default. Brian was the clear winner as Suki’s dish, she was told by Chef Bryan looked like she put no effort into it at all. Suki agreed that she did put little effort into her dish. She made a vow that it would never happen again.

The winners were called out and the two chosen by the chefs were Gillian and Brian. Each had to state why they thought they should win, but Brian was the clear winner with method, presentation and taste.

Brian brought Gillian and Jake with him to the restaurant, and they ate like royalty. However, as the episode ended, one can only wonder what lies ahead for this group, and if peace will reign in the “House of Food.”

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