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‘House of Food’ students get some ‘Sweet Relief’ on MTV

Gillian hit a home run with her cupcakes on House of Food
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

On tonight's MTV episode of “House of Food,” where the eight culinary students live together in a house while being trained by three of the country’s best chefs. Only one will earn the apprenticeship of a lifetime. It will not be easy, as the training will be tough and the chefs are even tougher. Viewers have already seen how these ethnically and culturally diverse people do not get along, as they compete against each other on this episode titled “Sweet Relief.”

As the episode begins, Suki and Harrison are talking about how disappointed she is that Will was not happy when she, and Lorena won the seafood contest. Harrison told her the best team won, and he meant it. Will has been her friend since the beginning, and now he is not even talking to her, the sore loser.

When Lorena comes to tell Harrison that Brian is zonked out on his bed, they decide to tattoo him with a magic marker. When Brian wakes up, and discovers what happened to him, he announces that the game is on.

Later, they are taken to Sweet E’s Bake Shop, and Gillian is thrilled. Chef Brooke is there with owner, Erica Tucker. For their assignment, they will have to come up with a dessert they can present to the public and make 100 of them. On the way back to the house, Suki said something about the boys writing everything down. When Will said he did not write a thing, she stated, she meant the boys; referring to his sexuality. Will revealed to Amanda the first week, that she did not like gay people, but they became good friends, and he did not believe her. Now that her comment came out, the memory of her statement rings loud and clear. Amanda sided with Will because she has several gay friends. Now he is sorry he ever defended her to the whole group.

Brian is out for payback after the tattooing incident. He decides to mess with Lorena’s deodorant, by replacing it with cream cheese. When she discovered it, she yelled loud and the whole house came running.

Chef Brooke gave the group a lesson for making basic cream puffs. She showed them how to make the custard, and how to add the ingredients so it comes out perfectly. The aspiring chefs will be attending the Downtown LA Art Walk, where they will hand out their desserts.

That evening, they all agreed to have a special dinner together, each making something for the meal. When they sat down, it was deafening silence as they ate.

The next day they went to the bakery to make their desserts. The winner of the challenge will be featured on the Sweet E’s website and be available for purchase. So they work very hard to make their recipes and prepare for the next day.

That night they went to a bar, and Brian noticed that Harrison was drinking too much, as was Will and Lorena. Harrison went to bed, as Brian and Jake tried to help Will steady himself. Later, Amanda was saying that they should all be watching out for each other, and Suki took offense to her comment. Finally, Amanda spoke her mind and told Suki that she was a big-ass bitch.

At the Art Walk, the judges came in their street clothes for a nice change. They tasted all the treats the chefs made and gave their comments. Then they judged the best two desserts as the ones made by Harrison and Gillian, and Gillian’s won the overall challenge on this episode of the “House of Food,”

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