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‘House of Food’ students get a taste of a ‘Greasy Spoon’ on MTV

New chef in training Harrison from House of Food

On tonight's MTV episode of “House of Food,” where seven untrained culinary students live together in a house while being trained by three of the country’s best chefs. One and only one, will earn the apprenticeship of a lifetime. It will not be easy, as the training will be tough and the chefs are even tougher. Viewers have already seen how these ethnically and culturally diverse people do not get along, as they compete each week.

Last week Suki, the villain of the house was chosen to be the executive chef at Chef Brendan’s restaurant, Waterloo & City. After the service, Amanda was told she better think long and hard about remaining in the house, because she expressed that she did not want to be a chef.

As the episode begins, the group is taken to their new house in Hollywood. As Suki and Will scramble for the best room, the rest of the group arrives, but Amanda is not with them. When a cab pulls up, they expect her, but a guy named Harrison is the new member of the team, as hope dwindles that Amanda will return. Harrison does not want to judge anyone, but Suki gets a bad vibe from him and shares her feelings with Will. Chef Chris, their mentor arrived and met Harrison and told him that he has not yet put his personality on a plate, so he will cook for the entire house tonight. He menu included veal parmesan and his own spaghetti sauce. Suki came down to antagonize Harrison, who discussed Italian food with her earlier. She does not want to try his food, because she believes nobody can cook better than her.

When dinner was ready, Suki ate her own meal, and Will followed along after her, not even trying Harrison’s dinner. He asked for critiques from his new friends, and they told him his salad had too much lemon, the veal was tender and delicious and then the door opened and Amanda returned. The first one to greet her was Suki, who picked her up and swung her around. Then Will went to her and told her that they needed her there because everyone sucks. So Amanda got the lowdown from Will and Suki and was told that Harrison is on their side. So now these two are putting Amanda in the middle of a war.

As Harrison and Lorena fall for each other, word spreads throughout the house that the two are an item. The next morning, everyone is silent about what they know, but Suki is determined to find out the details. As they are driven to the next location, which they believe will be one of the chefs’ restaurants, they pull up to a diner, as they are all surprised. The four chefs are awaiting their arrival, the three chefs who did not meet him yet, welcome Harrison and are happy to see that Amanda decided to return.

When the chefs welcome them to the diner, some smile, and Chef Brendan tells them that the chefs there do a great job and what they are there for is to learn, the most important parts of their job; consistency, speed and teamwork. They will be working in a line style and learning to work stations; the grill station, sauté, the fry station and the window station where everything comes together. If a burger is cooking and the French fries are not ready, the burger will either get cold or overcooked. They must learn communications so they can put out food with a twelve minute time.

When they completed their task, it was well done. Chef Brendan told them the next day, in groups of four, they would be working the rush lunch hour in the same place. Because Harrison was the new guy, he got to choose his team of four. He chose, Brian, Gillian and Suki. Lorena was very disappointed that he did not choose her, Suki felt that he chose only the best, that was why he chose her. Chef Brendan told them that tomorrow was going to suck, and they were all going to suck.

On the way back to the house, they asked Harrison why he picked who he chose for his team, he replied that he chose those he thought would do best in the kitchen. Just then Lorena’s face showed disdain, and when he asked her if she was offended, she said she got over it. But she questions why he left her to work with the underdogs, and now regrets kissing him before getting to know him better. Suki and Will are both on teams with people they do not get along with, so this should be interesting. As both teams strategized, could it be possible there may be some bonding going on? Suki told the rest of her team, it didn’t matter how much she hated them, that tomorrow she would be their best friend. Gee thanks! Gillian is not too sure, as she remembers the comment about her on dishes and the sabotage remark.

When Suki, Will and Amanda confronted Harrison about the encounter with Lorena, they goaded him until he admitted that he did kiss her, but that was all. Then he went to Lorena to advise her that the entire house heard about their kiss, they both agreed that it was too soon to even know each other. So they hugged and shared a friend kiss … for now.

The next day, the diner was busy as the first orders came in for Harrison’s team. Gillian called out the orders, but Chef Casey reminded them that nobody repeated the order, as they are supposed to do, no matter how busy they are. Suddenly, orders came pouring in. When Chef Casey went to speak to the diners, he found some complaints, especially for soggy fries from Suki’s station. When time was up, they were thankful, but it was harrowing.

The second team was next, Will was the leader, but his assertiveness was lacking. As the expeditor called out the orders, Will was supposed to echo them to his team, he was called out several times, and then started blaming his team. Finally, Chef Brendan came in to bring law and order to the kitchen. When Lorena dropped her tongs on the floor and used them on the griddle, she had to discard everything in the griddle and start over. Before time was called, this team was dismissed from the kitchen as the leaders took over.

When the teachers met with the teams, it was declared that Harrison’s team won, and Will’s team had to clean the kitchen. As they were cleaning the kitchen, Will told Lorena, he cannot believe that he is with her cleaning the dishes. He has never worked in a kitchen and felt he did not deserve this fate, as the winners celebrated by drinking champagne in the house.

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