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‘House of Food’ students are on ‘Sensory Overload’ on MTV

Harrison had a meltdown on House of Food
"Photo courtesy of MTV, used with permission”

On Monday night's MTV episode of “House of Food,” the eight untrained culinary students live together in a house while being trained by three of the country’s best chefs. Only one will earn the apprenticeship of a lifetime. It will not be easy, as the training will be tough and the chefs are even tougher. Viewers have already seen how these ethnically and culturally diverse people do not get along, as they compete against each other each week.

As the episode begins, the house if divided. One floor houses Will, Suki and Amanda, and the other floor is the abode of the rest of the people. When Harrison asks the three if they would like to join them for dinner, and extends an olive branch to the three, but it is rejected.

Chef Casey comes to teach them about flavor profiles; sweet, sour, salty, umami and bitter. As they blindfold the group, they taste what is put in their mouth and have to identify which profile it belongs to. They tasted things like pomegranate, persimmon, blue cheese, radicchio and so forth. Then he showed them how to combine flavors of different foods to make them appealing to the taste buds.

The next challenge was to produce a meal that appealed to all the flavor profiles. They had to team up in pairs, and immediately; Suki grabbed Will, leaving Harrison and Amanda the only two not already on a team. All night the teams tried to come up with something they each liked. It was not easy to put two items together they agreed on, but Chris Nirschel was there to help them.

Later that night, they went for a swim and the subject of boobs came up. When Harrison asked who had the biggest boobs, Brian alluded to Jake's man boobs. This hurt his feelings, and up to now; they were best of buds. Suki gave Jake some compassion, and she told him to state that his feelings were hurt, then she gave him a hug.

The next day, the teams had to create their plates in 45 minutes. Brian and Jake made their take on Kansas City ribs and Asian coleslaw. They got good marks on the flavor profiles and made something that showed their combined backgrounds. Suki and Will did not score well on their dish of duck two-ways with rice. Gillian and Lorena made a fancy dessert, but it was too sweet and did not receive good marks. Harrison and Amanda made a pizza that hit all the profiles and was great and won the best dish. For their prize, they will shadow Chef Casey at his restaurant that night. Then they had to choose the pair who will be on fish cleaning duty tonight; they chose Gillian and Lorena. Gillian felt that cleaning the fish was not really a punishment, because she would rather be there than at the house with the grumpy people.

The next night, they went to check out the food trucks in Los Angeles. They split into two groups, Gillian, Lorena, Jake and Brian, and the group of Suki, Will, Amanda and Harrison. While they were out, Suki brought up a rumor that the pizza Harrison was not his own, but something from either his family or a magazine. When they returned, he and Amanda had a shouting match in the house. Will seemed to be enjoying the conflict and had a Cheshire cat grin on his face. As the shouting escalated into a name-calling and throwing match, Suki and Lorena broke up the fight as Amanda told him to go home.

Harrison was spotted crying in his room. Lorena went to talk to him and told him she was scared of his tirade. Amanda is done with him and wants no apology, because she figures he will come in the next morning begging for forgiveness.

Later, they spotted Harrison leaving the house with his bag, on this episode of the “House of Food.”

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