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'House of Cards' season 2: Binge watched by 2 percent of Netflix subscribers

"House of Cards" second season hit Netflix, and the big thing about original shows on the streaming network is that all the episodes are released at once so fans can watch at any speed that they want. According to TV Line on Feb. 21, two percent of Netflix subscribers watched the entire season in the first weekend it was released.

House of Cards season 2 a major binge success
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

While two million doesn't seem like a lot of viewers, there are 29 million Netflix subscribers, so approximately 670,000 people binge watched all 13 episodes of the entire second season of "House of Cards." While Netflix does not provide viewing data, this was discovered when Procera Networks solicited bandwidth usage data from Internet providers.

The second season of "House of Cards" starts immediately when the first season ended where Kevin Spacey's Francis spends most of the season as the Vice President of the United States while the President faces serious problems of his own.

The success of Netflix with their original series has prompted others, such as Hulu, Amazon and - as of next week - the WWE to work on delivering their own original series through streaming distribution instead of cable television providers.

The success of "House of Cards" is just one of many examples of Netflix's success as a trailblazer in this new format. The network also has had successful releases of shows such as the fourth season of "Arrested Development" and the critically acclaimed "Orange is the New Black."

Netflix also inked a deal with Marvel to broadcast four shows and a miniseries. With the success of "House of Cards" season two, this has to be seen as a big win for everyone involved.

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