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‘House of Cards review: ‘Hunt or be Hunted’ hunt it is then

Congressman Frank Underwood
Congressman Frank Underwood
Nathaniel E. Bell/Netflix/AP

Season 2 premiere date: February 14, 2014 on Netflix

Even our Commander-in-chief appreciates a little extra drama outside the realms of the menagerie of nonsense that goes on, on Capital Hill. One of Netflix’s most highly rated series ‘House of Cards’ began its second season on February 14, 2014. ‘House of Cards’ stars Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey and Golden Globe winner Robin Wright who play Congressman Frank Underwood and wife Claire. The cunning couple love to play dirty politics while doling out revenge in spades.

So since the President prefers to read spoiler free news about the show or in case he has not seen the 2nd season opener just yet, here is a quick rundown:

It would appear that Frank Underwood’s complex revenge scheme was all a ruse to become the Vice President. Frank is warned that Zoe/Janine is on to his involvement in Rep. Russo’s murder, but Frank assures Stamper he will handle Zoe. That is scary. Frank befriends Rep. Jackie Sharp, an attractive young congresswoman that he bound to use as a tool for his mischief. Never agree to clandestine meetings near railroad tracks. Let that be a lesson to you, Zoe. Frank, you are a man of your word, eh?

Netflix and other on-demand internet streaming media providers are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to series and movie viewing. Time will only tell how many more consumers will select this option once the honeymoon is over after the marriage between Comcast and Time Warner takes place. Even AMC’s ‘The Killing’ has found new life over at Netflix, if only for a season (season 4).