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'House of Cards' Kate Mara rumored to be playing victim in Ariel Castro biopic

Mara has reportedly signed on to play Michelle Knight in the Ariel Castro biopic.
Photo by Jason Merritt

The movie about kidnapper Ariel Castro is on and according to the rumor mill, Kate Mara is expected to play kidnapping victim Michelle Knight. Like so many other high profile crime cases, Lifetime is making a movie about it and on April 8, Huffington Post reported that some highly respected actors are signing on.

Lifetime has plans to make a movie around the real life crime story surrounding Ariel Castro and the three women he kidnapped and held prisoner for almost a decade. The horrifying story of how a monster was able to kidnap and hold these women prisoner in an urban neighborhood while their friends and neighbors searched horrified the nation. A Lifetime version of this event is sure to draw viewers.

Although the casting of Kate Mara still is yet to be confirmed, multiple sources are reporting the possible role for the "House of Cards" actress. Rumors surrounding the casting of Ariel Castro are less direct. Those in the know are hinting that the role of Castro will be played by a "reasonably known TV actor." Speculation as to who that actor is has been all over the place.

There have been no reports as to who might be cast in the roles of the two other victims, Amanda Berry and Georgina "Gina" DeJesus. Would would you like to see cast in the Lifetime movie version of the Ariel Castro story?

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