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'House of Cards'-inspired Cards Against Humanity game released

"Corruption. Betrayal. ___________. Coming soon to Netflix, "House of ___________."

In what sounds like the perfect Jeopardy! question in the "Before and After" category, there's a new way to combine your favorite show with your favorite party game.

According to Mashable on Monday, House of Cards purveyor Netflix and Cards Against Humanity (a sick and twisted adult version of Apples to Apples, for the uninitiated) realized the coincidence of them both having the word "cards" in their names and teamed up to create a 25-card deck dedicated to the popular TV show.

House of Cards' official Twitter got the word out on Monday with a photo featuring a card reading "I can't believe Netflix is using ___________ to promote House of Cards."

The pack provides some clever (and quite adult) references to the show, including "punching a Congressman in the face" and "carbon monoxide poisoning" as possible answers to the fill-in-the-blank black cards. There's even a nod to Netflix itself with a black card reading "Because you enjoyed ___________, we thought you'd like ___________."

At first, Cards Against Humanity was offering free printed versions of the special deck but eventually sold out. However, there's still hope if you're up for playing it (the website even says "don't cry, buddy"): also offers a print-and-play and a plain-text version for downloading.

Season two of House of Cards premieres on Netflix this Friday.

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