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'House of Cards' eminent domain seizure looms: Time to nail down the set?

"House of Cards" gets eminent domain threats, will they tip-toe in the dark of night out of the state like the NFL Team of yesteryear?
"House of Cards" gets eminent domain threats, will they tip-toe in the dark of night out of the state like the NFL Team of yesteryear?
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House of Cards” is in jeopardy of losing any tangible property they own that is used by the production company in Maryland to shoot the Netflix show. A threat to swoop down and seize the show’s production company's property under the umbrella of eminent domain is looming over their heads. This may very well happen if the folks from “House of Cards” follow through on their threat of moving out of the state of Maryland, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” on March 30.

Fox News reports on March 29 that a move out of the state is something that the “House of Cards” production company is considering unless they are awarded more tax cuts by the state. This entire ordeal could easily fit into this show as a plot line of life imitating art.

The main character of the show, Frank Underwood, who is played by Kevin Spacey, is a man whose claws come out as he climbs the political ladder on “House of Cards.” This sort of threat from the government is something the character Frank could have orchestrated if the need should rise in one of the many sub-plots on the show.

This “cut-throat” threat to seize the “House of Cards” property came a step closer to materializing this week. The provision allowing the state to use the eminent domain powers was attached to the state’s budget bill and passed by the House of Delegates this week. There was little to no debate on this, the provision proposed by Delegate William Frick passed without any fanfare.

The House of Delegates passed the provision which is very clear and so purposeful for use in the "House of Cards" dilemma. Under the new provision the state would be “required” to use the power of eminent domain to buy or condemn property owned by a film company that has claimed $10 million or more in tax credits, if they stop filming.

“House of Cards” saving grace will probably come from Maryland’s Senate. State Senators were in favor of upping the tax credits and voted 45 to 1 to up the available tax credits to $ 18.5. The Senate is not in favor of this property grab, so the provision that would be used to swoop down and take the production company’s property is unlikely to pass the Senate.

According to the Washington Post, this isn’t the first time Maryland threatened an eminent domain seizure. It was back in 1984 when the Baltimore Colts literally packed up and left the state in the middle of the night for just this reason.

Back then the Maryland Senate passed legislation that awarded state officials an eminent domain seizure if the Baltimore Colts decided to leave for Indianapolis. They left alright, so quickly that there wasn’t a morsel left to seize in an eminent domain seizure!

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