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HOUSE Nightclub in Miami opening weekend runs from May 16th to 17th

Will HOUSE nightclub elevate Miami Nightlife to an unprecedented level, HOUSE was created to deliver a full-on sensory experience not to mention over the top entertainment?

HOUSE keys are first-come, first-serve at
HOUSE, nightclub

Mark Lowe is about to redefine what it means to party in Miami. After six years of planning, Lowe is ready to open the doors to HOUSE - a fully integrated, high-concept nightclub that will irrevocably transform nightlife in the Magic City. Every house has its dirty, little secrets and HOUSE invites all to reveal theirs in a playful, voyeuristic environment sure to pleasantly overload all five senses. HOUSE will open on Friday, May 16 and Saturday, May 17, 2014 to those who have their HOUSE key. Guests can apply for HOUSE keys here and pre-register to attend.

Lowe, who has designed dozens of commercial, residential, and nightclub projects around the world, including the long-running Living Room in Ft. Lauderdale, knew that Miami residents craved something other than your typical exclusive mega club or low-key hangout, and HOUSE is anything but typical. "I want people to recognize that my intent was to create the personification of a HOUSE; that it belongs to you. The difference here is what you do. It's not simply about the structure; it's what happens inside," says Lowe. And perhaps what happens afterwards, when you arrive home with one of the opening night giveaways in hand. "I'll be giving away HOUSE gifts at the door," he adds. "Similar to what you might have in your nightstand at home... in chrome, of course. It's all in the name of fun and freedom."

Did you know? HOUSE is located in the Wynwood Arts District at 1915 NW Miami Court, Miami, FL 33136.

The larger-than-life sex goddess beckoning you from the wall mural stimulates your senses before you even enter the building. Once inside, the sensual assault only intensifies, as you take in the sleek, chrome interior of the first room, with its domed projection screens and interactive bar. The "foyer" acts only as foreplay - the further inside HOUSE you go, the rabbit hole only deepens. Anything can happen as you navigate the inner sanctum and explore the many areas of HOUSE, including the bedrooms featuring custom-made beds and Fendi pillows; the elevated "shower" where dancers perform for your viewing pleasure; the kitchen, which serves dishes with names that would make your mother blush. As you take everything in, don't forget to breathe - even the chilled, fragrant air is designed to stimulate.

Look forward to contortionists, opera singers, drag artists, aerialists, and other performance artists helping create a dreamlike landscape, equal to what you would expect at a large-scale event. Like any home, HOUSE contains a family. Interact with resident characters, such the concerned HOUSE Grandmother who passes out cookies and condoms to all HOUSE guests to make sure you play it safe when you get home.

As if such mind-blowing organic visual stimuli weren't enough, there are also artificial enticements to further enhance your experience such as technological elements on par with those at a theme park - 360 degree architectural mapping, 3D panoramic projections, fog screens and holographic technology - that only increase the sensory surrealism inside HOUSE.

Be sure to check out the attached video of which displays a view of Miami from the air.

As stated earlier guests must use their own pre-registered HOUSE key for admission to the ultimate HOUSE party. HOUSE keys are first-come, first-serve here. You don't have to wait in line for hours for some bouncer to arbitrarily choose you from the crowd; this is after all, your HOUSE. "It's about hospitality. When you come into HOUSE," explains Lowe. "We want to make you feel at home."

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