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House GOP Leadership Targets Obama on Unconstitutional Use of Executive Power

House GOP Leadership Target Obama over Constitutional abuse of Executive Power
House GOP Leadership Target Obama over Constitutional abuse of Executive Power
Photo Credit - Breitbart

The apparent unconstitutional overreach of the Obama presidency may be coming to an abrupt halt if the House GOP leadership has anything to do about it, according to Fox News. After five years in office and countless executive orders which have all but neutered the U.S. Constitution the Republicans in the House of Representatives are finally taking action.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., has lead the charge against what he termed on Friday in a memo to Republican lawmakers an “imperial presidency.” He was clear and precise in outlining the destructiveness of Obama’s administration in, “effectively rewriting the laws” and called for a fight to “restore the balance of power created by our Founders,” reported Fox News.

The Virginia congressman zeroed in on the administrations abuses in effectively rewriting the Obamacare legislation which was passed by congress. This new frontal assault on the Obama administration’s attempt to do an end run around congress comes closely on the heels of the president’s announcement at his February State of the Union Speech that he, “ has a ‘pen and a phone.”

Obama has not been reticent about using his executive orders to circumvent congressional action. A prime example of this was his executive order to neutralize federal immigration law by granting presidential protection of nearly one million illegal aliens from deportation in 2012.

In the past six months the president has used nearly 30 executive actions to rewrite or stall the meaning and effect of the Affordable Care Act, which has faced open and continuing opposition from GOP lawmakers in both the House and U.S. Senate.

Now with Obama’s so-called “Year of Action” pledge he announced at the State of the Union, the House Republican leadership is preparing for their year of action as well.

The first of many opposition measures comes in the Stop This Overreaching President (STOP) Resolution, which more than 100 Republican House members have signed, reported Fox News. The House resolution has accused Obama of clear violation of have signed on to the Stop This Overreaching President (STOP) Resolution, which accuses the president of violating Article 2, Section 3 constitutional duty to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.

The real meat in the GOP House actions will be executed over the next several weeks, including house bills that will reform the way federal agencies even create new regulations. Currently under the Obama administration the regulations that are created by his departments have become "excessive and burdensome” according to Fox News.

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