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House Flipping expert Than Merrill comes to Oklahoma for limited free sessions

House flipping may be as simple as stylized painting
House flipping may be as simple as stylized painting
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Local news announces that Than Merrill will be coming to OKC to show the basics of house flipping.

This is hot news in OKC second to recent discussions about abandoned or untended properties in OKC.

Many Oklahoma City properties are still in banking limbo, or are being quietly 'held' until the housing or property market improves. Recently, it has been directly addressed that such houses,even offices or vacant lots are not in use, are uninhabitable and cost the city in blight, community degradation and contribute to the housing shortage.

Causing other problems under city codes and state law, these properties are a drain as they require protections of the property with emergency services that are not reflected in collected tax dollars. There are other issues, these are core discussions.

Refurbishing and inhabiting all properties will contribute to the possiblity of broader renaissance in OKC. The city has asked communities to contribute to studies that show properties of concern, and consideration of what is missing, wrong or could be done.

The city planner in this article has since left Oklahoma City Claus' message is pretty plain.

Recent additional departures include other core city planner staffers under Claus as well as two public transit administrators and reportedly the parks and recreation head. It is remarkable that many of these individuals did not live in the city limits of Oklahoma City.

This upheaval accompanies the re-election of the Mayor of Oklahoma City, whose attentions to immediate quality of life questions have been limited or absent.

Changes to city planning may be further addressed by the petition calling for a vote on MAPS3 planning. This petition calls for a public vote to revisit of dollars dedicated to a mysterious plan held out of the eye of the public, for a convention center, which evolved a hotel and other costly amenities.

Various strategies are being employed to improve or make local properties, including habitable.

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