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Lovve You Chad and Kylie!
Lovve You Chad and Kylie!
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A Loved One's Search for Comfort, Answers and Hope.

Dear Brother Chad Watson and your daughter Kylie Chaplain Oscar and Marsha wanted some way of sending you a token of love for this Hour. The level of stress you are experiencing is ranked as catastrophic. We as your neighbors have also experienced a psychologically taxing experience as well. I know many lives of your family and friends will see Home Fires differently.

Sometimes in the face of a tragic loss we mistakenly believe we should not be mired in such feelings as grief and sorrow. I must share with you as Pastor and Seasoned Chaplain that there truly is no Instant Peace! What you are going to live through now is shock. Shock as I know for a fact is a very natural reaction which is designed by God Our Creator to Protect Us! God knows the depth of your pain and all the other feeling. I have come to know also that those who profess Instant Peace including the well meaning others who will counsel you prayerfully now will realize that those who have that "instant peace feeling" will usually suffer a troubled future of greater pain than the original loss and disappointment. Denial puts off what should be faced. Denial is only part of the journey. There is no right or wrong way to respond to others who have access to you at this time. As a Chaplain my deep felt advice is to encourage both of you to protect yourselves from and retreat to a Safe Place for a season. You are not alone. God is Faithful. You Chad and Kylie are God's Treasure! May (Exodus 19:5) share with you on today this Word of comfort "You are my Special Treasure to Me above all people: for all the earth is Mine". God delights in you.

Love you much may your Mother and your other precious family members whose names I do not know........... REST IN PEACE.
.Chaplain Oscar Smith