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Lake Whitney cliff: Video of falling house off a 75 foot cliff, barely hangs on

A Lake Whitney cliff video of a house almost falling off a 75 foot precipice has become a new hit on the Internet and brought a national interest onto Lake Whitney, Texas, this week. The recent footage was captured with the luxury resort house clearly seen teetering dangerously close to the edge of the ever-eroding cliff. Dallas News reports this Wednesday, June 11, that the likely reason for the popularity of this hit video is not only the shocking sight of seeing such a beautiful house barely hanging on to the cliff’s edge, but also the very high fall that the residence will take when it finally makes its tumble into the water below.

House falling off a Lake Whitney cliff video goes viral
Twitter Photo File,

For those kindhearted video watchers fearing for the safety of the inhabitants of the house on the Lake Whitney cliff, there’s no need to be anxious. While the house is indeed nearly falling off the 75 foot ledge, its owners are long gone — the luxury mansion itself was officially condemned back in mid-May 2014. The white home seemed on the verge of cracking and falling the full 75 feet into the cold waters below of a local Central Texas lake, and only more so this week.

Sources from My San Antonio News indicate this afternoon that the eroding cliff edge was first seen as a danger to the Lake Whitney home and its former inhabitants many months ago. Due to the precipice slowly falling away, it would only be a matter of time before the home collapses with the property along with it. It is unlikely that the actual tumble will be captured as the viral video of the house has become such a Web sensation, but the lucky possibility is always there. And so far, the house is not going down without a fight, barely clutching to the smaller and smaller outcropping of land over the lake.

The stunning home on the Lake Whitney cliff rounds out as a 4,000 foot home. Prior to the Lake Whitney house falling off video making its rounds online, the beautiful residence was formally condemned by Texas state officials, and the owners were forced to evacuate. According to a Hill County spokesman, yet another major bit of the cliff cracked and fell this Tuesday evening, so it’s probable that the rest of the precipice — and the falling house with it — might not last much longer.

Unfortunately for its previous owners and their pocketbooks, this impressive-looking abode was priced at a considerable $700,000, all of which is (quite literally) going down in the water sooner than later. Although a request for comment was forwarded to the developer of the resort area, no response has been provided at this time. If this video proves anything, it might show that while we humans have great capabilities for aesthetics and strong support systems for our buildings, we don’t stand a chance against the power of erosion and Mother Nature — especially a crumbling cliff edge.

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