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House Democrats vote to strip women’s rights in the NH workforce

Democrats vote to strip women's rights in NH
Democrats vote to strip women's rights in NH
Daily Mail UK

Today HB 1188 – the Paycheck Equity bill - was voted on in the House of Representatives. Democrats voted for passage and voted to strip women’s rights away in the workforce. How is that you ask? Because women will now lose any negotiating advantages they had. Women will no longer be able to negotiate for higher pay than their male counterpart because then he could turn around and sue. Women won’t be able to negotiate for varying hours, benefits or other forms of payment because businesses can’t afford paying thousands in lawyer’s fees!

Once again Democrats pushed the debunked study that women only earn $.77 to a man’s $1.00. Clearly they didn’t bother researching. Over and over and over again this study has been debunked, including by the Department of Labor! Not one Democrat even thought to do a study in New Hampshire to see if a wage gap even exists. They simply took the bogus study they were handed from the Democrats at the national level and voted the way they were told. A representative admitted that no businesses were surveyed to see how the law would affect them. Not one shred of evidence exists that there is a wage gap in the Granite State yet Democrats pushed this bill forward.

New Hampshire has had an equal pay law for decades. Funny thing, Democrats didn’t bother to find out if anyone has ever sued using it. Representative Regina Birdsell (who has also been a recruiter for years) did though and what she discovered from the NH Department of Labor is that only three cases were ever opened and all three were dismissed for being frivolous. In other words, the employers had to waste thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees to prove the difference in pay was justified under the law. The fact that there doesn’t appear to be a discrimination issue in New Hampshire didn’t stop Democrats from passing the bill. What Democrats have done is turned Granite State women into a liability in the workforce. Businesses will now think twice about hiring women. Women lose out on negotiations because it won’t be worth it to businesses to bother. Essentially, House Democrats voted to strip women’s rights in the New Hampshire workforce.