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Housatonic, Massachusetts and the Eclectic Brick House Pub

Leland Kent and Mark Caiola
Leland Kent and Mark Caiola
jodi emmer

“I would love for our bar to be a throwback to the infamous Rick’s Café” in the Hollywood classic film “Casablanca” Said, Leland Kent in describing the surroundings of his well-built and enchanting establishment located in the heart of Housatonic, Massachusetts.

He is talking about his pub, The Brick House which has become a very popular bar and restaurant serving an original and premium beer collection, some very upscale wines and a wide selection of micro brewed beer. The food is pretty fantastic as well as the beer and wine selections available in the rustic small town setting.

There are two co-owners of the bar. Leland Kent and his partner Mark Caiola, they are extremely cheerful and chummy as they explain their extravagant history of the area and how they came to be established in this quiet, peaceful setting of Housatonic, Massachusetts, an old Massachusetts mill town on the quiet Housatonic river, about five miles from The Norman Rockwell town of Stockbridge.

They set the stage for an incredibly entertaining experience, they are kind gentlemen and they donate money to charity, they use all the local establishments for their produce and food items, One cannot really go wrong about choosing this place for a nice quiet meal.They are also expanding the building to include a balcony and outdoor seating area to overlook the charming Housatonic river.

The little village of Housatonic, Massachusetts has a lot to offer the Berkshires these days. There is not a lot of affordable housing left in The Berkshires for any common folk to obtain non-millionaire housing or even houses that can be found for under $300,000 roughly. The charming villageoffers more realistically priced and affordable family houses.

. The properties tend to sell for high end prices and the rent is extremely high as well, most summer cottages in The Berkshires start a $ 2000-3000 per month during peak season, Memorial day thru Labor day not that the beach properties go for any lower. Cabins fetching a $5000.00 per month rental price are not uncommon in Stockbridge or Lenox. Apartments in Stockbridge also range from $850- 2000 per month and the popularity and lack of space drive the prices even higher.

The food available in The Berkshires is possibly one its greatest features. The choices are as endless and timeless and unique as the persons who own them. The atmosphere is magnetic, energetic and extremely tireless. Most business owners are working seven days a week and 10-12 hour days are not uncommon during the warmer months especially in food service. The winter months are slower paced and less active.

Once the winter chill has finally blown over, there is a fast paced air to life here, that is delightful and playful and there is so much work to be found for a food critic or reviewer wishing to call The Berkshires home. The reviews are endless and the options of food places are endless, and all are so high quality it is almost impossible to give an honestly bad review, the only real drawback to living here is the price tag. Food prices are also rising due to drought in the West Coast and a myriad of ecological and environmental factors and issues from all over the globe at the moment, impossible to articulate that any more accurately accept to say constant chaos from every side of the argument.

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