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Houlka, Mississippi: A small town with much to offer filmmakers

Houlka, Mississippi has the potential to draw filmmakers from around the world
Houlka, Mississippi has the potential to draw filmmakers from around the world
Gerry Glenn Jones

If you're a filmmaker and are looking for the perfect set for your new movie, the small town of New Houlka, Mississippi is awaiting with open arms.

This town is the second generation of the name Houlka, a Chickasaw Indian name meaning "low water." The first town was built at the crossroads of the old Natchez Trace and Gaines Trace, about 100 miles southeast of Memphis, Tennessee. In the early part of the 20th century, the railroad chose to lay tracks a mile west of the original town, due to the lay of the land. When this happened, the people of the town moved with it and established New Houlka.

New Houlka thrived through the years, but began to decline in population and businesses when the railroad closed that section of its line in the 1980s. Since that time Houlka began to lose businesses and population to other more prosperous cities, but some the people of this southern town dug their heels in and refused to leave the peaceful community of friends and family.

This same determination is still alive in the town today and town leaders are looking for ways to fill the vacant buildings that once were the nucleus of business in New Houlka. It still has the presence of turn of the century brick work in many of its buildings around the town square, and exhumes a very nostalgic presence.

With all this being said, this town and its people would make a magical backdrop for a feature film that could be shot for a fraction of the costs that other towns and cities would require. If you check out the slideshow, you will see the potential of this town, which could be a working set from a period of the turn of the century to the progress of today.

As an actor and writer, as well as a person who is proud to say he grew up in and around this town, and forever proclaims to still be a Houlkaonian in heart, he sees the potential for filmmakers to seize this opportunity and make their movies here.

For interests in this town, contact this writer at and learn more. There will be more information to follow in subsequent articles.

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