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Peak Design is at it again and has another amazing Kickstarter campaign underway. You know the routine…get your order in while it’s still in the fundraising stage and you a) help an entrepreneur and b) get rewarded with the best prices going. This one’s surely worth a look.

Peak Designs
Peak Designs
by Peak Designs Slide and Clutch

Some time ago, Peak Design came out with a product called the Leash. It was a super lightweight, but super durable, thin shoulder strap with a pair of quick release clips for lightweight cameras. I put a pair of the anchors on my point and shoot camera and another pair on my little camcorder. Depending on which I wanted to use, I could easily switch the strap from one to the other in a matter of seconds. It was super handy.

BUT, after I got spoiled on this easy way of carrying my various lightweight cameras, I began to want the same convenience for my DSLR’s. I must not have been the only one, because now you can get the same convenience for larger cameras as well.

The Slide

Two big innovations separate this strap from the gazillion other ones on the market. First, the super-convenient anchor links that attach the strap to the camera. No more threading your strap back and forth through those little loops that most straps require. And secondly, Peak Design has come up with a quick-adjusting lever to let you decide how low you want to carry your camera.

When moving around, you’ll probably want it higher and out of your way – but when you are waiting for your shot, you’ll probably want it down around waist level. Easy to change – just lift, slide and reclamp it. The strap also has a smooth, nylon surface on one side and a non-slip grip strip on the flip side.

The Clutch

This is a hand strap that gives maximum security to your grip without giving up the flexibility and quick attachment to your tripod. I often shoot a lot on a tripod without a strap, but sometimes I want to take the camera across the room and I’m never quite comfortable holding it without a strap.

Now, with all the quick-release tripod adapters available from Peak Design, I can have my tripod clip and non-troublesome handgrip installed at the same time. With my second hand, I can quickly tighten or loosen the strap whenever I need it. If you ever do aerial photography, you know that you can’t ever, ever, ever, drop your camera – so an extra grip like this is priceless.

If I’ve got my backpack on with the Capture v2 installed, the clutch is ideal for those time when the camera isn’t securely held in the Capture v2 clamp.

Is this picture becoming clear? Peak Designs is developing a heck of a coordinated collection of camera supports.

Anchor Links

Heart of this whole new system of anchors is the Anchor Links attachment points that connect camera with strap. Easy to attach and detach, they are made with super durable Delrin disks and 200-pound strong Vectran cord. No matter how big your DSLR, you’re safe suspending your gear from a pair of 200-pound rated cords and clips. Now you can buy extras for each of your cameras without having to buy a second strap. Nice.

Get in now and save

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here and get your order in before everyone else. Or, check the Peak Design website for all their other great products.


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