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Beat the heat this Summer with these tips for staying cool

Cool tips to help keep you safe from the heat this Summer while camping or just playing outdoors.
Cool tips to help keep you safe from the heat this Summer while camping or just playing outdoors.

Since the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAH) announced July 22 that the month of June was the hottest on record, beat the heat this summer when going camping by following these simple tips. Most of these budget ideas will help keep you cool even if you are not camped near water.

With the hottest June on record, it is best to do all you can within budget to stay cool while camping this summer. Camping during the summer months can be very enjoyable if you know how to deal with the heat.

Reduce caffeinated beverages

One of the best tips for staying hydrated and cool during the summer is to battle the heat by not consuming drinks with caffeine. Many people do not realize how much soft drinks can dehydrate you. You don’t necessarily have to eliminate soda but replace at least half of what you would normally drink with Gatorade.

Drinking only water while you are hot and sweating may lead to further dehydration. However, drinking water is a much better choice than drinking soda, tea, or coffee. One of the best ways to save on your grocery budget while camping is to buy less soda during summer or any time of year.

Soak a bandana and tie around your neck

One of the best tips for coping with extreme heat is to keep soaking a bandana in cool or cold water and tie or place around your neck. Summer camping usually provides some type of water source like a river, lake, or piped drinking water. It is best to repeatedly soak the bandana in water. Tips like this will fit anyone’s budget.

Keep spraying yourself with water

Other great water tips for coping with the summer heat include spraying yourself with water frequently to stay cool. If you are unable to swim in a lake or river then try this to help lower your body temperature during hot summer months. Our bodies naturally produce sweat to help us evaporate the heat to help us stay cool. As the moisture on our body absorbs the heat it evaporates into the air, removing the heat from your body while keeping you cool. It is best to help this process along by spraying yourself with water. Beating the heat this summer will also help you and your family enjoy your camping trip much more.

Place cold river rocks in your tent

When dealing with the heat while camping every small step you take to lower the temperature will help to keep you cool. River rocks are much colder than the temperature in your tent. The rocks will eventually absorb the heat and dry out so you will need to replace them as needed. Only use tips like these if you do not disturb the landscape and can replace these rocks where you found them.

Place a tarp well above your tent for shade

Creating airflow and shade are two important tips to make use of when camping during the heat of summer. By placing your tent in the shade you have already reduced the temperature by about 10 degrees. Place another barrier between the sun and your tent and it will reduce it even more. It is best to place your tarp at least two feet above your tent to allow for airflow. If you do not do this, you will trap the heat and force the temperature to go up instead of cool down.

Remove a foot of dirt before putting your tent down

If you are camping on private property with permission you can try this technique to help keep the heat from rising from the ground and into your tent. The further down you go, the cooler the soil. It is best to use this tip only in an area where trees and other foliage will not be disturbed.

Hang a wet towel in front of a fan

When you are camping this summer, try this trick to beat the heat by setting a box fan just a few inches in back of hanging wet towels. The fan will blow cool air from the sides of the fan so keep this in mind when trying this. A box fan works best because of its size. This DIY evaporative cooler is one of the best tips for saving on your camping budget while dealing with some of the hottest temperatures on record.

More Tips

With reports from MSN showing record June temperatures everywhere except Antarctica, it is important to follow these important tips to stay cool. The best way to beat the heat while camping this summer is to use either a combination of these tips or all of them, as well as other ideas you may come up with.

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