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Hottest fitness class created by Chula Vista native

The MIX Technique
The MIX Technique
Angela P. Photography

Want to create long, lean muscles comparable to a dancers body? Lesa M. Green, grew up and teaches today in Chula Vista, created a class in 2009 just for you. The MIX Technique combines yoga, ballet, Horton Modern and pilates into an hour workout of basic through advanced technique, cardio and stretch. A 60-minute workout class blending elements of Ballet barre, floor barre, Horton Modern basics, Pilates and Yoga. Created by professional dancer, certified personal trainer, certified Yoga instructor and author, Lesa M. Green, The MIX Technique is a class that combines the essential techniques of dance and fitness. Clients will notice improvements in core strength, flexibility and will gain the toned, lean muscles of dancers and Yogini's.

Class Objectives: Students will gain long, lean, flexible muscles comparable to ballerinas/ballerinos. Allows students to quiet the mind, such as a yoga class, yet at the same time receive cardiovascular elements while being distracted to workout by energetic music. Dancers can use this class to condition for performances and auditions. Meanwhile, the class breakdown is also easy to follow for non-dancers. How is it different from other barre type workouts? Lesa uses Yoga, ballet, Horton Modern basics and pilates. The barre used is used in a traditional sense (to remind the student of their core-exercises are not done by hanging/pulling on the barre) and majority of the class takes place in the center, requiring students to engage their core constantly.

Lesa M. Green is having a tour of this class throughout 2014. Last months stop was Ballet Center West in Mission Hills. This Saturday 8/30, she is featuring Old Town studio Lokavindu Yoga: 2802 Juan St. Suite #23. The cost is $10 cash, drop-ins welcome, open level, co-ed! Next month she will be featuring Mind Body & Soul: 2971 India St. in Little Italy, on Saturday 9/27 12:30-1:30pm. Lesa M. Green grew up in Chula Vista and feels strongly about giving back to the community. She will be featuring a Chula Vista studio in either October or November. Stay current with her schedule via her website (which includes links to The MIX Technique Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Yelp!):