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Hottest Events in the Coolest State - Alaska

Winter is moving in and some people start dreaming of summer and the Caribbean but for those who enjoy the cold or simply the last great frontier - now is the time to start planning your Alaska cruise.

Hubbard Glacier Calving
Lucinda Belden

The cruise season for Alaska is from about May to October. The more central months will run you more but you will get good value out of the wildlife and experiences you encounter in Alaska during those periods. The outer months of the season will run you a little less but still gets you into the coolest state.

If you are considering an Alaska cruise, you should also think about cruisetour options. Cruisetours are the land portion of a cruise which will take you up into the central part of Alaska around Mt. Denali and Yukon. If you are interested in Gold Panning, seeing glaciers up close and personal or spotting caribou or moose - this is the perfect addition to your cruise vacation. You can take a seven day cruise and add land packages as short as two days and up to eight or more. Customize your vacation according to how much of Alaska you want to see and how long you have to see it.

If you are in the DFW metroplex, don't miss out on the hottest event about the coolest state sponsored by Holland American Cruise Lines and CruiseOne. The event is totally free and is a live show plus film on the wilderness of Alaska. And icing on the cake, there will be giveaways and discounts for future Alaska cruises so go register at for the exclusive event!


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